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2020 Strategic Plan for the Future

The WVU community is developing a vision for the University for 2020. Please visit http://strategicplan.wvu.edu for current information.

2010 Plan Information

In March 2005 more than 100 members of the Strategic Planning and Assessment Committee, co-chaired by Dr. Larry Hornak and Provost Gerald Lang, met to identify the academic objectives for West Virginia University during the next five years. The discussions lead to West Virginia University’s 2010 Plan: Building the Foundation for Academic Excellence. This plan identifies five goals with objectives and key indicators for each:

  1. Attract and Graduate High-Quality Students,
  2. Recruit and Retain High-Quality Faculty Committed to the Land-Grant Mission,
  3. Enhance the Educational Environment for Student Learning,
  4. Promote Discovery and Exchange of Knowledge and Ideas, and
  5. Improve West Virginia’s Health, Economy, and Quality of Life.

The Board of Governors approved the 2010 plan in September 2005, and since the beginning of October, the Implementation Team has been regularly to initiate the multiple actions that the Plan embodies.

During the first year of implementing the university’s strategic plan, we focused on mapping existing assets in order to develop strategies for meeting the goals of the 2010 Plan. In this crucial phase, campus members evaluated the performance of existing programs at the university and proposed changes that will increase their effectiveness.

After the initial assessment, a number of task force groups were charged in support of the WVU 2010 plan goals. Efforts are currently underway to implement the recommendations of these groups, as described on the task force pages and strategic plan updates.

The Implementation Team is working with the deans to align WVU's colleges and schools, and other academic units, with the WVU 2010 Plan. This focus is having a significant impact as more and more decisions are being made in relation to the university's strategic goals.