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Annual Reports

These annual reports are the institution’s assessment document where we share with the campus community and external constituents our achievements and areas in need of improvement. The Report on the 2010 Plan ensures accountability to the Board of Governors and the campus community by providing annual measurements of West Virginia University’s progress relative to the 2010 Plan.

The 2006 Report on the 2010 Plan provided quantifiable data and descriptions of programs to improve our outcome measures of success. This report examined the institution's current status in relation to each goal and presented programs that had were initiated.

The 2007 Report on the 2010 Plan highlights strategic initiatives that cut across the specific goals of the 2010 Plan in order to support institutional change.

Initial benchmarks were determined through the data collection during the past year. This report contains quantitative measurements of WVU’s enrollment, financial stability, student body, faculty members, physical environment, research activity, and regional impact. Many of the changes to WVU’s academic culture, however, cannot be reflected in these numbers. For this reason, brief descriptions of progress related to each goal as well as profiles of innovative programs are included in the annual reports on the 2010 Plan.