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Forage-Livestock Systems


new5.jpg (1243 bytes)"Are Parasites Becoming Resistant to Dewormers?" - WV Heifer Parasite Study 2007-09 (PDF format)
A Small Change in DNA Has a Big Impacit in Angus Cattle
Body Condition Score Description of Cattle (09, PDF format)
Nutrient Requirements for Beef Cattle
Beef Cattle Genetics (Powerpoint Presentation)
Risk Perception and Risk Management among Appalachian Cattle Producers: A Focus Group Study
Safeguards Against BSE Protect U.S. Food Supply
Managing Heat Stress Returns Dividends (03, PDF format)
Many Plants Can Poison Cattle (03, PDF format)
2002 W.Va. Dairy Herd Improvement Milk Production Records (03, PDF format)
Healthy Calf Important To Beef Producer's Profit (03, PDF format)
Mineral Supplementation Important For Beef Cattle
Improving Dairy Profitability by Pasture Management
Ultrasound in Beef Production (PDF format, 4pp, 416K)
Freeze Branding for Identification
(PDF format, 3pp, 300K)
Vaccine Handling is Important for Cattle Management
Using Hydraulics as a Scale on the Farm (PDF)
(5pp, 85K)
Quality Assurance Cattle Handling Practices, Procedures, and Facilities Assessment:  A Farm and Ranch Producer Self-Evaluation - OSU
Dairy Cattle Information
Board Sale Price
Herd Listing
West Virginia Quality Assurance Feeder Cattle Sales
Quality Assurance Sales
Tele/Board Cattle Sales
Tele/Board Cattle Sales - General Sales Terms and Conditions
W.Va. Quality Assurance Feeder Cattle - Health Program

Livestock Marketing Reports - USDA
West Virginia Beef Industry Council
West Virginia Cattlemen's Association

West Virginia Livestock Markets


Video proceedings of the Mid Atlantic Dairy Grazing Conference

Soil Fertility, Fertilizers and Lime

new5.jpg (1243 bytes)Soil Sampling Methods (Video)
Manure Testing Prodedures (Video)
Nutrient Management for Low Cost Forage Production (Video)
Pasture and Meadow Nutrient Management (Video)
Stimulateing Interest In and Adoption of Precision Sampling and Application Soil Fertility and Weed Management (Video)
Crimson Clover Case Study
Precision Statewide Project
Forage Fertilization Based on Yield and Management Goals - Worksheet
Using Hydraulics as a Scale on the Farm
Cost of Winter Grazing
(06, PDF format)
The Value of Agricultural Limestone (05 PDF Format or Excel Spreadsheet)
WVU Soil Test Summary Data

Forage Quality

new5.jpg (1243 bytes)Hay Quality in West Virginia – Final Report Hay Yield and Economics Project (PDF format)
Photo Gallery of Legume Content in Pastures (PDF format, 49 pp, 3.56 MB)
Measuring Legume Content in Pastures (PDF format, 30 pp, 799K)
Pasture Forage Quality in West Virginia: An On-Farm Research Report for 1999 to 2001
WV Cattle Mineral Supplement Calculator
Harvest and Storage Management Affect Hay Quality  (06, PDF format)
Hay Production Costs Cut By Proper Use of Legumes or Nitrogen Fertilizer (06, PDF format)
Point Count System for Measuring Ground Cover from Digital Photos (PowerPoint)
Understanding Forage Analysis Important To Livestock Producers
Pasture Forage Quality in West Virginia (PDF format)
Sampling Pastures for Nutritive Analysis (PDF format)
Sampling Hay and Haylage (PDF format)
Cut Hay Early to Get the Most Out of Plastic Wrapping (PDF format)
Poultry Litter Improves Forage Quality and Yield (PDF format, 2 pp)
Forage Species Adapted to the Northeast (PDF format, 5 pp, or html format)
Forage Quality of Intensive Rotationally Grazed Pastures - 1988-1990 (PDF format 80 pp, 900K)
The Nutritional Value of Rotationally Grazed Pasture in Jefferson County (PDF) (4 pp, 27K)
Use Forage Test To Diagnose Management Problems
Forage Testing Labs

Pasture Finished Beef

Pasture Management for Pasture-finished Beef
Growing and Selling Pasture-Finished Beef: Results of a Nationwide Survey (PDF format)
Human Health Effects of Fatty Acids in Beef  (PDF format)
Meeting the Challenges of Pasture-finished Beef (PDF format)
Reduce the Potential for Grass Tetany (PDF format)
Creep Grazing (PDF format)
Pasture-Based Beef Systems for Appalachia Project

Pasture and Grazing Management

new5.jpg (1243 bytes)Pasture and Meadow Nutrient Management (Video)
Mixed Species Grazing
Pasture Ecology: Managing Things That We Cannot See
Horse Pasture Management
(05, PDF format)
A Falling Plate Meter for Estimating Pasture Forage Mass (PDF format)
Estimating Pasture Forage Mass From Pasture Height (PDF format)
Principles of Management-Intensive Grazing (PDF format)
The Social Implications of Management Intensive Rotational Grazing - Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
Overgrazing Can Hurt Environment, Your Pocketbook
The Production of Rotationally Grazed Pasture in Jefferson County (PDF) (6 pp, 31K)

Weeds and Their Management

Mixed Species Grazing
Idetification, Life Cycle, and Control of Common Pasture Weeds
Soil Fertility and Weed Management
Control of Common Pasture and Hayfield Weeds in Virginia and West Virginia
Horsenettle Management In West Virginia Pastures and Hayfields
W.Va. Pasture Quality - 1999-2001 Information (PDF format, 31 pp)

Weaning Calves on Pasture

Marginal Value of Calf Gain
Feed Management for Preconditioning Calves on Pasture
Calf Performance Related to Pasture Quality and Supplements (PDF format)

Low Cost Production

new5.jpg (1243 bytes)Nutrient Management for Low Cost Forage Production (Video)
Low Cost Production, Nutrient Management
Crimson Clover Case Study

Extended Fall and Winter Grazing

Extended Grazing
Extended Grazing Reduces Winter Feed Costs
Want To Extend Grazing Season?

Manage Winter Feeding System to Meet Livestock Needs
West Virginia Snow Cover Risk & History
Virginia Snow Cover Risk & History
Extending Grazing Season Reduces Costs

Legume and Legume Management

Photo Gallery of Legume Content in Pastures (PDF format, 49 pp, 3.56 MB)
Measuring Legume Content in Pastures (PDF format, 30 pp, 799K)
Crimson Clover Case Study

Hay Production

new5.jpg (1243 bytes)Hay Quality in West Virginia – Final Report Hay Yield and Economics Project (PDF format)
Proper Handling and Curing of Hay (PDF format)
Hay Quality vs Hay Quantity
(PDF format)

Drought Planning and Management

Precision Jefferson County Case Study
Penn State Agronomy Guide-2005-2006 - PSU
2000 Virginia Tech Agronomy Handbook - VPI
Extension and Experiment Station Bulletins
Annual Ryegrass - Forage Management in the Mid-Atlantic - Maryland CES Fact Sheet 775
Oregon Clover Commission

10 Great Reasons for Growing Clover - Oregon Clover Commission (PDF format)
Red Clover - Oregon Clover Commission
(PDF format)
White Clover - Oregon Clover Commission
(PDF format)

ATTRA (Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas)
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc. - Agricultural Division

WVU Horse Related Fact Sheets
Virginia's Horse Pastures Fact Sheets
Forage Establishment
Forage Species for Horse Pastures
Grazing Management
Renovating Old Pastures

Fescue Endophyte Testing

Auburn University Fescue Diagnostic Laboratory
NCDA Endophyte Testing Service

How Do We Stack Up
Why a Nutrient Management Plan?
Forage Budgeting Helps Producers Manage Livestock
All In All, Livestock Is An Efficient Resource
Challenges, Changes, and Opportunities in the Beef Industry
Genetics for Profit
Source Verification Data? Check the Tags
Wean or Sell Calves? A Management/Marketing Option for Feeder Calf Producers
Beef Industry's First Goal: Satisfy Consumers
A Good Year To Shorten Breeding Season
Results of the 1997 Pest And Pesticide Use Assessment For Dairy Cattle Production Systems in West Virginia

Drought Information

Drought Management Before and After
Drought Management 2007 Notes
Drought Management Before, During, and After the Drought

Next Year Country - - July 2005
North American Drought: A Paleo Perspective - National Climatic Data Center
Drought Reduces Fall Pasture
Hay For Sale List
Effects of Drought Conditions on Commonly Fed Forages
Forage Management for Drought Recovery
Fall Drought Management for Pastures and Meadows
Ammonia Treatment to Increase Forage Quality
Nitrate Toxicity in Drought-Stressed Forages
Nitrate Management in Beef Cattle Production Systems
Alternative Feeds Extends Limited Supplies
Alternative Feeds for Extension Limited Feed Supplies
Substituting Grain for Hay
Fibrous Feed Alternative - Soybean Hulls
Tips on Managing Ewe Flocks with Reduced Feed Resources
Keep an Eye on Horse Health during Drought
Alternative Rations for Maintaining Pregnant Beef Cows
Guidelines for Developing Dairy Rations
Rations for Growing Cattle
Lactating Holstein Cow Rations for Drought
Beef Cattle Management Strategies During a Drought
Drought Related URLs

2006 Annual State 4-H/FFA Livestock Roundup Information (PDF format 25 pp, 664k)
Quality Assurance Guidelines for County Fairs and 4-H Projects (PDF format)

Raising Healthy Rabbits - Agway
Rabbits - Southern States
Rabbit & Cavy Directory - LaReau Lops and Cavies

Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia Meat Goat Producers Association
Farming & Ranching DEER in North America - A publication of the North America Deer Farmers Association's Cervid Livestock Foundation (PDF Format - 24 pp, 4,292k)

Prevention of Common Equine Diseases