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Rejuvenating an Old Apple Tree
Pruning Grapevines
Production and Handling of Fruits and Vegetables
- (PDF Format)
Fertilizing Small Fruits in the Home Garden
Growing Blueberries in West Virginia
Growing Grapes in West Virginia
Growing Brambles in West Virginia
Pruning and Training Thornless Blackberries - Adapted from NCSU, Department of Horticultural Science, Horticulture Information Leaflet 8206 by E. B. Poling, Extension Horticultural Specialist

Recycling Newspapers for Mulching Strawberries - (PDF Format)
Planting & Care of Fruit Trees - (PDF Format)
Leaf Analysis of Tree Fruits - (PDF Format)

Effect of Black Walnut Trees and Their Products on Other Vegetation - WVU Ag. Experiment Station Bulletin 347, Oct. 1951 - (PDF Format)
Black Walnut Toxicity - Adapted from HO-193 Purdue University CES

Walnut Toxicity - Michigan State University Extension

Home Orchard Management - 45 pp (PDF Format)

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Northwest Berry & Grape - Oregon State University CES


Field Guide for locating, pollinating, and harvesting nuts from flowering American Chestnut Trees (Castanea dentata) - American Chestnut Foundation

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