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Disaster Types

Droughts and Wildfires Resources


The National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC) helps people and institutions develop and implement measeures to reduce societal vulnerability to drought, stressing preparedness and risk management rather than crisis management. (http://drought.unl.edu/index.htm)

NOAA logo - Click to go to the NOAA homepage

This is NOAA's drought information center.  It is a roundup of the various NOAA web sites and information on drought and climate conditions.  Some external links includes. (http://www.drought.noaa.gov/)



FEMA.gov - Federal Emergency Management Agency

Fact sheets on how to protect your property from wildfire. (http://www.fema.fov/hazards/fires/wildfires.shtm)

American Red Cross

Information for homeowners on how to protect your property. (http://redcross.org/services/disaster/keepsafe/wildfire.html)

Information for homeowners on how to protect your property.  (http://www.firewise.org/resources-homeowners.html)