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Quoting Donald M. Fedie, in his book How to Farm for Profit, "It is not an exaggeration to say that the survival of production agriculture as we know it depends entirely on individual producers knowing their exact break-even cost of production on each and every product."

Farm Managers spend their time controlling, organizing, and evaluating, but first they must make a decision. Consistently making good decisions requires time. Experience, information, and knowledge can improve both the speed and soundness of their decisions. Management errors and bad decisions can be a function of time.

This page is designed to help managers consider different options and gather the necessary information to make decisions. In corporating spreadsheet templates and market information at the same location should make this a useful work site.

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The Farm Lease: An informative publication that covers all areas of farm and land leasing.
Decision Making Templates
HeroChic Quattro
HeroChic Excel "HeroChic" is an adaptation that compares soil test results, manure or litter test results, and current fertilizer prices against prices for litter purchase, hauling, and spreading. With HeroChic, the user can decide how far he or she can economically haul litter by comparing the price and chemical analysis with commercial fertilizer. The user must research the current prices and get analysis results for an accurate determination. Variations of this program include using nitrogen or phosphorus as the limiting plant nutrient application.

Beefbreak Quattro
Beefbreak Excel "Beefbreak" is a beef breakeven spreadsheet that includes many feed variables. By using "days on feed" and "per head fed" calculations, the user may enter per ton costs of ingredients to determine his or her breakeven costs. This adaptation has the potential to be entered directly on a sample Schedule F with other enterprises in your operation.

Beefbreak Plus - Quattro

WVQuickView Quattro
WVQuickView Excel Knowing your cost of production per pound of lamb or calf is the first step toward really managing it. Enterprise analysis can take many forms and at first can be intimidating. WVQuickView is a useful beginners tool. Your cost per pound of lamb or calf for a particular year can be compared to that of a peer group or against other years. Once you arrive at a figure you have the opportunity to compare each management component of the operation to measure the variance.

WVQuickView Plus - Quattro
WVQuickView Plus - Excel

Short Hay Formulas - Quattro

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