Risk Management Workbook

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Table of Contents

 2.  Risk Management Agency Overview

           Crop Programs by County

           Adjusted Gross Revenue-Lite (AGR-Lite)
           Apples - 2004
           Apples - 2005

           Apple County Locator Map

           Burley Tobacco - 2004
           Burley Tobacco - 2005


           Corn - Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) - 2004
           Corn - Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) - 2005

 3. Livestock Risk Protection

           Fed Cattle

           Feeder Cattle



           Organic Crops

           Peaches - 2004
           Peaches - 2005

           Peach County Locator Map

           Prevented Planting

           Small Grains (Barley, Oats, Wheat)


           Soybeans Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) - 2004
           Soybeans Crop Revenue Coverage (CRC) - 2005

4.  Statistics

           Crop Insurance Profile 2003
           Crop Insurance Profile - 2004
   Crop Insurance Experience (by crop)
           Crop Insurance Experience (by year)
   Crop Year Participation