Recognizing Risk

West Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service- Crop Weather, Crop & Livestock Reports, & Press Releases
The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management
Agricultural Weather dot Com
Recognizing Risk is First Step Risk Management Survey for Farmers


Human Risk


Labor Links

Health Insurance Association of America
WV Workers Compensation
Social Security Compensation
Americans With Disabilities
Labor laws from Findlaw
West Virginia AgrAbility Project
National AgrAbility Project

Biosecurity Links

 USDA Homeland Security
 Countering Bioterrorism & Other Threats
     to the Food Supply
 USDA Food Security and Emergency Preparedness


 Food Safety Links

 First Gov for Consumers-
      Food Safety & Regulatory Issues
 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
 Recalls and Product Safety News
 USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
 USDA Food and Nutrition Services
 National Agriculture Library Food Safety Center
 U.S. Food and Drug Administration
    Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
 FDA Recalls, Market Withdrawals and Safety Alerts

Farm Safety Links

NIOSH /NIOSH Agricultural Safety & Health Topic
Farm Safety Information Clearing House

Production Risk

Agriculture Specifications and Standards

 U.S. Food and Drug Administration
 Center for Veterinary Medicine
Commodity Specifications & USDA Grade Standards

Natural Disaster Assistance

 Preparing for Natural Disasters
 Disaster Help Solutions

     2003 Agricultural Assistance Act
     Natural Disaster Assistance Programs
     Flood Assistance Programs
     Drought Assistance Programs
     Fire Assistance Programs
     Storm Assistance Programs
    Tornado Assistance Programs

Disease and Pest Assistance 

     Crop Disease Assistance Programs
     Livestock Disease Assistance Programs
     Pest Infestation Assistance Programs

Agriculture Production Outlook

 Economic Research Service
    Agricultural Baseline Projections
    Export Value, Farm Income and Finance,
        Food Prices and Expenditures Baseline Projections
    US Crop Baseline Projections
    Global Agricultural Trade Baseline Projections
   World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates

Livestock Production Outlook

 Economic Research Service
    U.S. Livestock Baseline Projections
    Cattle Production and Marketing Issues
    Sheep and Wool Production and Marketing Issues
    Hog Production and Marketing Issues
    Poultry and Egg Production and Marketing Issues
    Dairy Production and Marketing Issues
    Aquaculture Production and Marketing Issues

Forage & Livestock Resources from WVU Extension

Conservation Issues

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Natural Resources Conservation Service -  Publications

Insurance Programs

Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
Crop Insurance from USDA/RMA
 USDA RMA Insurance Provider Companies
Crop Insurance Agent Locator
Livestock Risk Protection
    Coverage Prices, Rates and Ending Values
Livestock Protection Insurance Agent Locator

 Weather Forecasts

Current Weather
USDA Risk Management Crop Weather Outlook
Weather Forecasts

West Virginia Snow Cover Risk and History

Legal Risk

Attorney and Legal Resources 

 State of West Virginia Attorney General’s Office Attorney Referral List
FindLaw -- A legal resource guide
West Virginia Legal Resources from the Supreme Court

Agriculture Laws and Regulations

 West Virginia Secretary of State Code of Rules for Agriculture
U.S. Food and Drug Administration- Laws and Statutes enforced by FDA
USDA Laws and Regulations
Agriculture Biotechnology Laws, Regulations and Responsibilities
EPA's Ag & Cattle Industry Page
EPA Pesticide Topics Page

Price Risk


Cattle Links

Slaughter Cattle Auctions
Daily Slaughter Cattle Reports
Weekly Slaughter Cattle Reports
Monthly Slaughter Cattle Reports
Annual Slaughter Cattle Reports
Daily Feeder Cattle Reports
Video and Internet Auctions
Feeder Cattle Pit-Traded Delayed Futures Prices
Feeder Cattle Pit-Traded Delayed Options
Live Cattle Pit-Traded Delayed Futures Prices
Live Cattle Pit-Traded Delayed Options

Hog Links

Slaughter Hog Auctions
Slaughter Hog Price Summaries
Feeder Pig Auctions
Feeder Pig Price Summaries
Lean Hogs Pit-Traded Delayed Futures Prices
Lean Hogs Pit-Traded Delayed Options

Sheep Links

 Slaughter Sheep Auctions
Slaughter Sheep Price Summaries
Slaughter Sheep Video and Internet Auctions
Feeder Lamb Auctions
Feeder Lamb Price Summaries
Feeder Lamb Video and Internet Auctions

Goat Links

Goat Auctions
Goat Price Summaries
Goat Internet and Video Auctions

U.S. Trade and Price Trends

U.S. Agricultural Trade Policies
U.S. Agricultural Trade Trends
U.S. Agricultural Trade Agreements
U.S. Agricultural Trade News

Financial Risk

Financial Assistance Organizations

Farm Service Agency -U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA-FSA)
Federal Reserve Board -- Interest Rates & Data

Income and Management Plans

Economic Research Service Farm Financial Management Plans
Economic Research Service Farm Income and Costs
Business of Agriculture from WVU Extension Farm Management
WVU Farm/Risk Management Page
Spreadsheet Templates from WVU Extension Farm Management
The Farm Lease
WVU-ES: Farm Management Decision Making

Loan Programs

USDA Rural Development Business and Industry Guaranteed Loans
USDA Rural Development Intermediary Relending Program
USDA Rural Development Rural Economic Development Loans

Tax Information and Internal Revenue Service

Internal Revenue Service publication for Farmers
Business of Agriculture-Taxes
Planning Tax Management Is A Fall Chore, Too

Other Risk Management Links

Agriculture Research Information 

National Agricultural Library
National Ag Risk Education Library
USDA Economic Research Service Farm Risk Management Page

Kansas State University Farm Risk Management Page

Trade Organizations

Economic Research Service North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
World Trade Organization

 Legislation and Policy Links

2002 Census of Agriculture
U.S. Farm Bill 2002

Governmental Links

WV House of Delegates Districts and Representatives
WV Senate Districts and Senators
U.S. House Committee on Agriculture
U.S. Senate Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Committee