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West Virginia Sheep Management Project

Revolutionary Wool Harvesting Takes Off - CSIRO Media Release

Electric Fence - Volts, Joules, and Deep Cycle Batteries

- Stan Potratz, Premier Sheep Supplies

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Toxoplasmosis in Sheep - Robert Pitts, WVU Veterinarian

"Hand Book" for Wool Pool Management - 20 pp (1,653k, PDF)

Where Do You Fit In? Shepherds, Records, and Risk Management --10pp (630k PDF Format) Presentation given by Tom McConnell at the Great Lakes Informational Grazing Conference, Shipshewana, IN, 2/13/01

New WVU Project Aims To Revive Sheep Industry
Predation Still Major Problem for West Virginia Shepherds
1996 Shepherds Survey
1996 Shepherds Survey - Numerical Summary

Wool Pool Template

Wool Pool Template This Quattro Pro 6.0 for Windows spreadsheet allows each wool producer to be listed on a separate page of the Quattro Pro notebook. Each county pool will use its own notebook. The invoice is customized by each county for individual deductions and assessments. The intended protocol includes entering data on site and then writing checks after the pool. The producer will be given a weight sheet and price information at the pool. The only error risk comes from entering an incorrect weight. The safeguard is the shepherd's weight sheet and the master weight sheet recorded during the truck loading.


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