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Phillip I. Osborne, Extension Specialist

Quality Assurance Calf Health Record

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All Vaccinations Must Be Administered In Specified Sites

Date Treatment Product Company Lot Site of Admin.
7-Way Clostridial 1. Neck
H. somnus
* IBR PI3 BVD 2. Neck
** Pasteurella 3. Neck
Internal Parasites
External Parasites

* Recommend calves under 5 months of age be vacinated with a chemcially altered product agent IBR PI3 due to interference from material antibodies. BVD vaccine must be a killed product

** Pasteurella vaccine needs to contain a leukotoxid component

Castration Method: _____________________________ Creep YES _____ NO _____

Dehorned YES ___ NO ___ Calving Interval ________ Date Weaned ____________

Sire Data

Breed EPD's



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