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Don't Ignore Late Blight in Tomatoes - (PDF Format)

Weed Management in Vegetables - (PDF Format)

Native West Virginia Foods for Backyard Gardeners - (PDF Format)

Plant pH Preferences - (PDF Format)

Production and Handling of Fruits and Vegetables - (PDF Format)

Drip Irrigation - (PDF Format)

Get Yard, Garden Ready For Winter
- (PDF Format)

Prepare Drought-plagued Lawns and Gardens for Winter

Fertilizing Small Fruits in the Home Garden 
  - PDF
Catalog Shopping for Seed Supplies
Container Gardening
Did You Test Your Soil?
Soil Test Contamination
Gardening With Raised Beds

Gardening and the Law  PDF  - A Master Gardener article
Insect & Disease Control
Seed Saving Tips  PDF
Seed Saving Tips
Vegetable Varieties
Vegetable Planting Guide

The ABC's of a Garden Plan
Asparagus - An Early Spring Treat
Asparagus in Your Garden
Growing Broccoli
Growing Brussels Sprouts
Growing Cauliflower
Growing Head Lettuce
Growing Onions in the Home Garden
Growing Peppers
That Devilish Parsley
Let Potato Wounds Heal
Beat Gardener's Winter Blues - Grow Sprouts For Your Salad and the Birds


Growing Tomatoes
Collecting West Virginia '63
     Tomato Seeds
West Virginia '63... A New Home-Garden  
     Tomato Resistant to Late Blight
Rosemary: Mist of the Sea Tied With Silken Ribands - Gladys Kuhns, Certified Master Gardener
Sweet Corn Production

Insect & Disease Control

Successful Direct Marketing Offers 'Realistic' Experience

Advertising Key to Successful Direct Marketing

Strategies for Saving Drought-Plagued
Lawns and Gardens

Recycling Grey Water

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Horticulture Information Leaflets
     - NCSU - CES (PDF Format)
Xplor Agriculture Publications/Horticulture
     - University of Missouri
Herb Garden Guide
A Modern Herbal Home Page
     - Mrs. M. Grieve
Vegetable Gardening Handbook
     - University of Florida
Natural Resource, Agriculture, and Engineering Service (NRAES) Publications
Johnny's Selected Seeds
- Maine

Commercial Vegetable Production Information

Vegetable IPM Recommendations
Cornell CES
Vegetable Varieties for West Virginia
Adapted from NCSU- CES Publication
Bell Pepper Variety Trial Results
     - Ohio State University

Pumpkin Variety Trials and Tolerance to Powdery Mildew - Ohio State University

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Commercial Production Information Leaflets - NCSU-CES (PDF Format)
Commercial Vegetable Production Guides  
     - Oregon State University

1998 Vegetable Varieties for Commercial Plant Growers
     - University of Illinois

Commercial Fruit Production Information

Midwest Commercial Small Fruit & Grape Spray Guide 2009