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This Poultry Extension Resources page contains information for commercial poultry producers and small flock owners. It includes extension publication and links to other resource sites in West Virginia and the United States.


West Virginia University Extension Service Resources

new.gif (966 bytes) Starting a Backyard Flock - 2pp (124k)
            Nutrition for the Backyard Flock - 2pp (124k)
            Water for the Backyard Flock - 2pp (120k)
            Biosecurity for Backyard Flocks - 2pp (118k)
Avian Influenza: What It Is And How To Protect Against Its Establishment - 4pp (267k)
Biosecurity For The Poultry Industry
- 3pp (183k)
Box Spreader Modification for Poultry Litter , TRIM 3441
Poultry Facts: Disease Prevention, PFS 3 - 2 pp (21K)
Poultry Facts: Feeding the Backyard Laying Flock, PFS 17 - 2 pp (34K)
Poultry Facts: Poultry Pests and Their Control, PFS 23 - 5 pp (37K)
Poultry Facts: Sanitation, PFS 4 - 2 pp (26K)
Poultry Facts: Selecting Breeds for Small Flocks, PFS 16 - 2 pp (23K)
Preparing for Winter: Ventilation in Poultry and Livestock Shelters
Spreader Calibration for the Application of Poultry Manure - 3-fold brochure (127K)
Working Safely With Poultry, SA 17.2 - 4 pp (324K)
West Virginia Poultry Production Survey: A Report on Implementation of Water Quality Improvement Practices in the Five Eastern   
      Panhandle Poultry Producing Counties - 64 pp (574K)

Other on-line resources

Texas A&M Department of Poultry Science
University of Wisconsin Poultry Science
Poultry - Michigan State University Resources
Virginia Cooperative Extension Poultry Resources
A Consumer Guide to Safe Handling and Preparation of Ground Meat and Ground Poultry
A Food Service Guide to Safe Handling and Preparation of Ground Meat and Ground Poultry
Addressing the Consequences of Predator Damage to Livestock and Poultry
Penn State University
PA 4-H Poultry Web Site
National 4-H Embryology Web Site
National 4-H Poultry and Egg Conference Web Site

Purdue University Extension Poultry
University of Georgia Poultry Science

Organizations and Associations

Poultry Science Association
National Agricultural Library
Poultry Breeds

National Agricultural Library


APHIS - National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) The objective of the National Poultry Improvement Plan is to provide a cooperative Industry-State-Federal program through which new technology can be effectively applied to the improvement of poultry and poultry products throughout the country. The provisions of the Plan, developed jointly by industry members and State and Federal Officials, establish standards for the evaluation of poultry breeding stock and hatchery products with the respect to freedom from hatchery-disseminated diseases. Products conforming to specific standards are identified by authorized terms that are uniformly applicable in all parts of the country.