Recommended seeding rates of forage species when seeded alone or in mixtures
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Edward B. Rayburn, Ph. D.
West Virginia University
Extension Forage Agronomist
February 1994

Species Seed/lb Seed/sqft/lb/a Seeding Rate
      Alone lb/a Mixture lb/a
Alfalfa 200,000 5 15-20 8-15
Alsike clover 680,000 16 6-8 2-4
Birdsfoot trefoil 375,000 9 4-8 2-6
Lespedeza, Korean 240,000 6 15-25 8-10
Lespedeza, Sericea 335,000 8 15-20 8-10
Red clover 275,000 6 8-10 2-6
White clover 700,000 16 3-5 1-2
Bermudagrass 1,800,000 41 6-10 3-5
Bluegrass, Kentucky 2,200,000 50 4-6 2-3
Bromegrass, smooth 136,000 3 8-14 4-10
Orchardgrass 654,000 15 8-12 4-6
Red top 5,100,000 117 3-5 1-3
Reed Canarygrass 533,000 12 12-14 6-8
Ryegrass, annual 227,000 5 20-30 10-15
Ryegrass, perennial 227,000 5 10-12 5-6
Tall fescue 230,000 5 12-14 6-12
Timothy 1,230,000 28 8-10 2-8


Characteristics of Common West Virginia Forage Species
Forage species Growing
Soil pH
to poor
          hay grazing        
            rota. cont.        
Alfalfa elevated yes med bunch E E P 6.5-7.0 P P E
Alsike clover elevated yes med bunch P G P 5.8-6.5 E P P
Birdsfoot trefoil elevated yes low bunch E G G 6.0-6.5 E P G
Lespedeza, Korean elevated yes med bunch G G G 5.8-6.5 G P G
Lespedeza, Sericea elevated yes low bunch P G G 5.8-6.5 G P G
Red clover elevated yes high bunch G G P 5.8-6.5 G P G
White clover ground yes low bunch P E G 5.8-6.5 E P P


Bermudagrass elevated yes med sod G G G 5.8-6.5 P P G
Bluegrass, Kentucky ground no low sod P E E 5.8-6.5 G G P
Brommegrass, Smooth elevated joints med sod E G P 5.8-6.5 G P E
Orchardgrass ground no med bunch E E G 5.8-6.5 G P G
Ryegrass, Perennial ground yes high bunch G G P 5.8-6.5 P P P
Ryegrass, Annual ground yes high bunch P G P 5.8-6.5 P P P
Reed canarygrass elevated joints low sod E G P 5.8-6.5 E E E
Tall Fescue, E+ ground no med bunch G G G 5.6-6.5 E E E
Tall Fescue, E- ground no med bunch E E P 5.8-6.5 E E G
Timothy elevated joints med bunch E G P 5.8-6.5 G P P
E+ - endophyte infected rota. - rotational E - excellent
E- - endophyte free cont. - continuous G - good
P - poor

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