Sustainable Agriculture Research Articles and Publications

Looking at sustainable agriculture education: Is more better? By: Rich Pirog
Understanding and Managing the Multi-Dimensions of Susatinable Agriculture  By: John Ikerd
Regenerating Agriculture: Policies and Practice for Sustainability and Self-Reliance (1995) pg. 267-279 Joseph Henry Press
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Professionals' Attitudes Toward Sustainable Agriculture  By: Rosanne E. Minarovic
Studentsí Knowledge of and Expected Impact from Sustainable Agriculture  By: David L. Williams
Agricultural Education and Training: Issues and Opportunities Prepared by the Agricultural Education Group of the Extension, Education and Communication Service (SDRE)
Barriers to Adopting Sustainable Agricultural Practices By: Daniel Drost
Alternative Farming System Publications
Environmentally Sustainable Food and Agriculture  By: Dr. Stuart Hill
New International Partnerships For Agroecological Natural-Resource Management in the  21ST Century By:  Christian Castellanet
Can Organic Agriculture Feed the World? ... And Is That the Right Question?
Thoughts On Economic "Inevitability"  by Gene Logsdon
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