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The WVU Extension Service nutrient/waste management program provides environmentally sound and economically feasible solutions to nutrient/waste management problems. Educational materials and programs, technical assistance, and research efforts promote good stewardship of natural resources through nutrient/waste minimization/utilization and recycling strategies.

WVU Extension Service On-Line Resources

Fundamentals of Nutrient Management Training Course  Presentations
- Jan. 9, 2003 - (pdf format)
Development of Nutrient Management Plans
Manure Testing
Water Quality and Phosphorus Index
Behavior of Organic Sources of Phosphorus in Agricultural Systems
Known Nutrient Concerns With Manure Application
Fundamentals of Nutrient Management Consultant Certification - (pdf format)

  Information for Certification Applicants
  Application for Certification
  Employment Verification
  Recommended Study References List
  Recertification Information
  Continuing Education Approval Form

Sample Collection Procedures for Manure Analysis
Litter and Manure Analysis Submission Form

new.gif (966 bytes)WVU Soil Test Summary Data

"Changes in Poultry Production Strategies to Improve Water Quality: 1994 to 1999"                 Water Quality Conference in Tucson, AZ, Jan. 12-15, 2003 - Abstract - Poster
West Virginia's Potomac Headwaters Water Quality Project
Paper Recycling - Managing Solid Waste #6
Considerations for Organic Waste Utilization in Agriculture

Are Mulches a Good Idea?
Utilization of Organic Wastes: On-farm Composting
Composting Yard Waste - (PDF Format - 4pp, 378k)

Recycling Newspaper for Mulch in Home Gardens (PDF format)
Recycling Newspaper for Mulching Pumpkins
(PDF format)
Recycling Newspaper for Mulching Strawberries
(PDF format)
Garbage-Eating Worms
(PDF format)

Precision Agriculture

Precision Jefferson County Case Study
Precision Statewide Project

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Contact: Tom Basden, Extension Specialist - Nutrient Management
1058 Agricultural Science Building, P.O. Box 6108, Morgantown, WV 26506-6108
304/293-6131 ext. 4210