Farm Service Agency

Landowners and assisting state and federal agencies  have made tremendous progress protecting and improving water quality of the Potomac River in West Virginia since the Potomac Headwaters Water Qualtiy Project began in 1992.  Educational efforts and the availability of technical assistance in the areas of nutrient management and poultry litter and animal waste management as well as grazing lands management have led to increased adoption of these water qualtiy improvement practices.  The availability fo financial assistance and incentives through the USDA Water Qualtiy Incentive Program helped producers to accelerate their implementation of these practices. 
The attached document is a summary of some of the impacts of the joint and separate activities of the USDA agencies and WVU Extension and the state which are making a difference in the area.  The document was developed by a water qualtiy team led by Thomas Basden, WVU Extension Specialist, Water Quality with assistance from NRCS, FSA, and the State NPS Program for Agriculture.
We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish since the project began as part of the USDA Water Quality Initiatives working in concert with the WV NPS Program for Agriculture.  We hope this document gives you an appreciation of the impacts of our efforts assisting agriculture in the region.

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