Project Impacts

Nutrient Management Planning: In 1993, very few agricultural producers used nutrient management plans to prevent over application of manure and commercial fertilizers.  By 1996, 34% of the poultry and livestock producers had a nutrient management plan placing 50,000 tons of animal wastes under improved management.  An additional 26% of the producers have applied for nutrient management plans and water quality improvement practice assistance.  Educational efforts and the availability of cost-shared funds helped producers understand the importance of nutrient management planning and the need to implement best management practices identified in their plans. 

Soil Sampling: More than 90,000 acres of cropland on 900 farms were tested for nitrogen and phosphorous levels in soils.  Farmers reduced annual applications of nitrogen by 524,700 pounds and of phosphorous by 265,700 pounds.  These excess nutrients did not enter the ecosystem and provided a savings of $600,000 to the farm economy over the last four years.

Nutrient Management Lab: A laboratory was opened in October of 1994 to assist producers with their nutrient management planning.  This lab provides a free analysis of manure and poultry litter.  During the last two years, the lab processed 569 samples, enabling nutrient management planners to use specific sample analysis to prepare site specific plans.  Having litter analyzed will aid in marketing litter based on nutritive value.


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