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new3.jpg (1243 bytes)Chronic Wasting Disease: Risk Management for Hunters - PDF Format

Handling and Processing Deer - PDF Format

Urban West Virginia Deer Damage Assessment - PDF format - 4 pp
Fundamentals of Deer Management, No. 806, 2 pp (22K)
Landowners Can Manage Deer Herd
Fundamentals of Deer Harvest Management - PDF format - 4 pp (39k)
Deer Control in Home Gardens - PDF format - 4 pp (59k)
An Integrated Approach to Deer Damage Control - PDF format - 3 pp (37k)
High-Tensile Fence--Do's & Don'ts, No. 819, 2 pp (17K)
Identification of Deer Damage, No. 820, 4 pp (554K)
Deer Damage Hurts the Pocketbook
Cranesville Swamp - publication
Canaan Valley - 812 WVU (PDF Format (38 pp, 2,611k)
Dolly Sods - 813 WVU (PDF Format (30 pp, 1,246k)
Cathedral State Park - 814 WVU (PDF Format (18 pp, 577k)
Sentinels in the Sky: Seneca Rocks & Spruce Knob - 816 WVU (PDF Format (39 pp, 2,389k)
Native Shrubs...in wildlife landscaping
Native Warm-Season Grasses Good for Wildlife
West Virginia's Wonderful Wetlands
Legal Wetlands May Be Difficult to Recognize

Other Wildlife Related On-line Resources

Contact: William Grafton
WVU Extension Wildlife Specialist
311 Percival Hall
P.O. Box 6125
Morgantown, WV 26506-6125
304/293-4797 ext.2493

WVU Resources                  

Harvesting Ginseng - PDF format
Birds Benefit From Feeding - PDF format
Butterflies and Birds, WL160 - 2 pp (39K)
Butterflies and Birds, Leader's Guide, WLG160 - 4 pp (288K)
Night Birds - Owls - PDF format - 8pp (269k)
West Virginia Hawks - PDF format - 23pp (601k)
Backyard Wildlife: Cute-or Cunning?  A Delight to Watch-or a Danger to Your Health?
So You Want Bobwhite Quail?
Attracting Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds
Guide to Common Birds of West Virginia Series 807 - PDF format - 101pp (946k)
Winter Birds: Who They Are, and
What to Feed Them
- PDF format - 8 pp (356k)
Beauty in Your Backyard - Attracting and Feeding Summer Birds - PDF format - 7pp (519k)
Summer Birds: Habitat Needs Of Neotropical Migrants
Birds of Prey - PDF format - 56pp (3,307k)
Bats - PDF format - 8 pp (194k)
Bats - Wonder Flying Machines
Butterflies and Butterfly Gardening in West Virginia
Common West Virginia Butterflies - PDF format - 6 pp (206k)
About Bee and Wasp Stings
Dragonflies: Introduction to Dragonflies and Damselflies of West Virginia Series 801 - PDF format - 23pp (156k)
Scales, Skinks, Scutes & Newts Series 811 - PDF format 24pp (1,988k)
West Virginia Wildlife - PDF format - 47pp (686k)
Seasons of West Virginia - PDF format - 67pp (3,104k)
Winter Botany: Winter Characteristics of Selected Trees and Shrubs of West Virginia - Series 809 - PDF format 32pp (820k)
Selected Trees and Shrubs of West Virginia- Series 810- PDF format - 94pp (616k)
Fall Colors  Series 818 - PDF format - 45pp (2,978k)
Ferns - PDF format - 36pp (1,108k)
Aquatic Plants- Guide to Aquatic and Wetland Plants of West Virginia  Series 803 - PDF format - 86pp (568k)