Mountain Fetterbush - Pieris floribunda

Native Shrubs ... in wildlife landscaping

West Virginia Native Plant Society
West Virginia Nongame Wildlife Program

  Form: Shrub, 2 to 6 feet tall.
  Bark and Twigs: Light brown, no distinguishing characteristics.
  Leaves: Evergreen, alternate, simple, oblong, small serrations on the margin, glossy green, 1-1/2 to 2 inches long.
  Flowers: May. White, urn shaped, in terminal spikes.
  Fruit: Dry globose capsule, inconspicuous.
West Virginia Range:
Pendleton, Pocahontas, Greenbrier Counties. On the eastern slopes of the Alleghenies.
Natural Habitat:
Well-drained mountain woods.
Wildlife Use:
Little data available. Probably unimportant as a food source. Clumps provide good cover.
Uses: Border, specimen, massing.
Light: Partial to full sun. Protect from full winter sun.
Soil Moisture: Moist but well drained.
Soil pH: Acid.
Problems: Not suited to windy areas..

Compiled by: Brian McDonald, botanist, coordinator Natural Heritage Program, West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Elkins, West Virginia

Written by West Virginia Native Plant Society members and jointly published with the WV Nongame Program

Illustration from Flora of West Virginia, Strausbaugh and Core