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Hola. My name is Keri McGraw, and I am a student at Cabell Midland High School. I am one of the Drum Majors of the Cabell Midland Marching Knights, and I play saxophone in concert band. I will be graduating from high school this June, and I will attend Marshall University the following fall.

My expectations of this trip are to learn more about the Hispanic culture and learn how to adapt on my own.

My name is Anjali Dotson, and I'm a senior at Parkersburg High School. I have studied Spanish for four years, and I hosted a girl from Vigo, Spain, last year. I have been out of the states myself on several occasions. I have traveled to England, Switzerland, France, Italy and India. I am very excited about the opportunity to study in Guanajuato. I hope to improve my Spanish-speaking ability and learn more about the culture during my three weeks there. I plan to attend Bowdoin College to study marine biology and Spanish.
Anjali Dotson

Brooks Ambrose
Buenas, I am Brooks Ambrose and the only true Miguel in Los Escaladores. I hail from a quaint little home in the out-outskirts of Parkersburg, West Virginia. I share this humble abode with between seven and nine cats at any given moment. Ah, mustn't forget my parents, both of whom live with me and the cats, or my sister, who lives with two little black cats and one rat in Baltimore. My interests are mostly social and academic. I just love Spanish (good thing) and
chillin' with Brianna, an extremely delightful young lass I know. I'm a card-carrying nerd as well and am quite partial to computer games, the Internet and such. I greatly enjoy music, but people tend to have never heard of my favorite bands. Still, it's a good conversation starter. I just love Mexican food (good thing), and I pronounce c's and z's like th's, which annoys Mike Lustig immensely.

Hello everybody! My name is Pamela Lee. Yea, just like the Baywatch star. However, please keep in mind that I was the original Pamela Lee for thirteen years or so until she decided to get married and steal my name. But don't worry. I'm not bitter. Anyway, my Spanish name is Felicia, and I am seventeen years old. I will be graduating from Parkersburg High School at the end of May, and then this fall I will be attending Washington University in St. Louis. Woo-hoo! I'm really looking forward to

college. However, I'm first anticipating an exciting summer, especially with this trip to Guanajuato.

I'm really enthusiastic about this trip because I love to travel, not to sight-see but to obtain cultural experience. And this trip is probably as cultural as you can get! In other words, I am looking forward to experiencing life not as I know it now. Plus, I also enjoy languages (I can now speak three: English, Chinese, and Spanish); therefore, during this trip I would definitely like to better my Spanish so that it will stay with me for the rest of my life for the use in the far future.

Hello, My name is Mike "Miguel" Lustig. I am 16 years old and a sophomore at Charleston Catholic High School. I was on the Los Escaladores last summer and had a great time. I will be going again this summer to assist the group, work on the Website, practice my Spanish and, above all, have fun. If you have any questions or comments, my e-mail address is bigmike01@mindspring.com. Look on the Website for frequent updates during the three weeks that we are in Mexico.

I am AnnMarie Ellison. I hope to improve my Spanish skills and learn more about an amazing culture. I'm really excited. The group seems really diverse, but we all get along great so far. I'm looking forward to making some awesome memories and lifetime friendships.

My name is Michael Hagley. I attend Spring Valley High School. I love to travel and learn about as many new things as I can. When asked about my expectations for Mexico, I couldn't answer. I try not to expect too much from anything; otherwise, I'll run the risk of being disappointed. However, I can speak of my hope for the experience in Mexico. I hope to improve my skill in linguistics, to enjoy myself and make friends, and most of all to experience Mexican ways of life; to absorb a piece of that culture as such becoming one step closer to being a cultured and whole person.

Hi. My name is Cristy Waugh. I am a sophomore at Buckhannon-Upshur High. I have been interested in different cultures all my life. I have studied Spanish since 7th grade. When I applied for this trip to Guanajuato, I had no idea that I would be accepted. Now that I am going, I have huge expectations. I want to learn how to function in another culture, improve my Spanish, make friends and have fun.

Hola! My name is Holly Murphy. I just finished my junior year at University High in Morgantown, West Virginia. I've finished four years of high school Spanish, but have studied for various years. I've always wanted to be an exchange student and, now that I have my first chance, I'm excited! I hope to share my experience with everybody I can. If you want me to share with you, my e-mail is glassangel69@hotmail.com. I hope to hear from you. Continue to check us out through our three weeks. Hasta Luego.

Hello. My name is Rachel Crabtree. I am a junior at Capital High School in Charleston, West Virginia. I have studied Spanish since seventh grade, but need to work on my speaking and listening skills. For this reason I decided to travel with the WVU Extension program to Guanajuato, Mexico. I hope to become more comfortable with my Spanish skills by staying in Mexico for three weeks.

Hola! My name is Kaitlin Mehle. I'm a junior at Charleston Catholic High School where I play volleyball, basketball and softball. I'm in Spanish III, and I hope to improve my Spanish skills by participating in the WVU Extension program in Mexico. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me at kmaylay32@aol.com.


I am Richard Fleisher, Extension Specialist/Associate Professor with West Virginia University Extension Service, Program Center for 4-H and Youth, Family, and Adult Development. I am thrilled about the opportunity to take a group of teens to Guanaguato for a pre-college study abroad program. My wife, Jane, is a dental hygienist, and we have a five-year-old daughter, Elizabeth. My son, Greg, will be a graduate teaching assistant at North Carolina State University this fall. My daughter Jessica begins her sophomore year at Shepherd College this fall and is a mentor this summer in the Morgan County Energy Express program.

My name is Karla Smith. I received my teaching degree from Fairmont State College, and I spent a year in Seville, Spain, working on my master's degree from State University of New York, New Paltz. I began teaching in Tucker County and taught there for three years before returning to my native Harrison County. I have taught both French and Spanish for most of those years, but for the last five I have taught just Spanish. I have
traveled extensively in France and Spain, but also some in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. I am married to a behavior disorders teacher, Mike, and we have two children - Benjamin, age 10 in 4th grade, and Sarah, age 4 , in preschool. I am really looking forward to the experience in Guanajuato, and I am very grateful to have the chance to be a part of the group.


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