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Forage & Pasture
Annual Forage Budget - Work Sheet, TRIM 5716
Combining Forage Species in a Seeding Mixture, TRIM 5304
Control of Autumn Olive, Multiflora Rose, and Tartarian Honeysuckle, TRIM 5412
Control of Autumn Olive, Multiflora Rose, and Tartarian Honeysuckle--Chemical Information, TRIM 5416
Creep Grazing, TRIM 5726
Developing a 12-Month Forage System, TRIM 5714
Disease Ratings of Red Clover and Alfalfa Varieties, TRIM 5190
Forage Fertilization Based on Yield and Management Goals, TRIM 5202
Forage Quality - Fiber and Energy, TRIM 5012
Forage Quality - Minerals , TRIM 5016
Forage Quality - Protein, TRIM 5010
Frost and Walk-in Clover Seedings
Grazing Systems, TRIM 5712
Hay Quality - The Foundation for Low Cost Winter Feeding
How to Reduce the Potential for Grass Tetany, TRIM 3216
Johnsongrass and Shattercane
Multiflora Rose Control
Nitrogen Fertilization for Early Pasture, TRIM 5724
No-Till Seedings, TRIM 5314
Number and Size of Paddocks in a Grazing System, TRIM 5718
Orchardgrass and Tall Fescue Varieties, TRIM 5122
Orchardgrass and Tall Fescue Variety Responses in Forage Livestock Systems in West Virginia
A Pasture Plate for Estimating Forage Yield, TRIM 5022
Permanent Pasture Management , TRIM 5728
Plant Growth and Development as the Basis of Forage Management, TRIM 5004
Poison Ivy
Principles of Grazing Management, TRIM 5710
Round Bale Storage, TRIM 5760
Sampling Pastures for Nutritive Analysis, TRIM 5020
Seeding Rates of Forage Species When Seeded Alone or in Mixtures, TRIM 5302
Small Grains as Forage Crops, TRIM 5192
Sweet Vernal Grass
Tall Fescue, TRIM 5184
Using a Forage Test to Identify Improvements in Forage Management, TRIM 5032
Walk-in Seedings
Why Use Management-intense Grazing (MiG)?
Winter Cover Crops, TRIM 3502

Growing Blueberries In West Virginia
Growing Grapes In West Virginia
Growing Brambles in West Virginia
Home Orchard Management, OM 100 - 44 pp (767K)
Leaf Analysis of Tree Fruits, OM 102 - 2 pp (72K)
Planting & Care of Fruit Trees, OM 101 - 1 p (7K)

Recycling Newspaper for Mulch in Home Gardens, MSW 8 - 2 pp (111K)
Recycling Newspaper for Mulching Pumpkins, MSW 9- 2 pp (114K)
Recycling Newspaper for Mulching Strawberries, MSW 10 - 2 pp (126K)
Woods-Grown Ginseng

Soil & Water Management
Agriculture Practices and Nitrate Pollution of Water
Are Mulches a Good Idea?
Considerations for Organic Waste Utilization in Agriculture
Estimating Flow in Streams
Interpreting the West Virginia Soil Test Report
Phosphorus Index for Nutrient Management
   Worksheet for Calculating P Index for a Field - 3 pp (12K)
Sampling Soils, TRIM 3201
Soil Test Contamination
Utilization of Organic Wastes: On-farm Composting
The Value of Agricultural Limestone, TRIM 3212

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