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Dairy IRM 1: Anatomy of the Cow's Reproductive Tract - 5 pp (1.3MB)
Dairy IRM 2: Physiology and Endocrinology of the Estrous Cycle - 6 pp (52K)
Dairy IRM 3: The Physiology of Gestation and Paturition - 4 pp (24K)
Dairy IRM 4: Records and Record Systems-The Backbone of Good Management - 7 pp (58K)
Dairy IRM 5: Interpreting Reproductive Efficiency Indexes - 5 pp (28K)
Dairy IRM 6: Signs of Estrus and Improving Detection of Estrus in Cattle - 4 pp (28K)
Dairy IRM 7: Anestrus and Estrous Detection Aids - 5 pp (696K)
Dairy IRM 8: Synchronization of Estrus In Dairy Heifers and Cows - 2 pp (18K)
Dairy IRM 9: The Use of Milk Progesterone Assays for Reproductive Management - 4 pp (74K)
Dairy IRM 10: Factors Affecting Conception Rate - 6 pp (40K)
Dairy IRM 11: Considerations for Storing and Handling Frozen Semen - 3 pp (26K)
Dairy IRM 12: Artificial Insemination Technique - 5 pp (1.4MB)
Dairy IRM 13: Artificial Insemination Breeding Chute - 2 pp (46K)
Dairy IRM 14: Nutrition and Reproduction - 5 pp (41K)
Dairy IRM 15: Stress and Reproduction - 3 pp (19K)
Dairy IRM 16: Interactions: Genetics and Reproduction - 4 pp (24K)
Dairy IRM 17: The Economics of Improved Reproductive Performance - 4 pp (25K)
Dairy IRM 18: Reproductive Herd Health Program - 2 pp (16K)
Dairy IRM 19: Troubleshooting Infertility Problems in Dairy Cattle - 4 pp (28K)
Dairy IRM 20: Dystocia-Difficult Calving, What It Costs and How to Avoid It - 5 pp (103K)
Dairy IRM 21: Retained Placentas - 2 pp (30K)
Dairy IRM 22: Metritis and Endometritis - 3 pp (21K)
Dairy IRM 23: Repeat Breeding - 3 pp (23K)
Dairy IRM 24: Abortion in Dairy Cows and Heifers - 2 pp (18K)
Dairy IRM 25: Cystic Ovarian Disease - 4 pp (62K)
Dairy IRM 26: Embryo Transfer - 4 pp (64K)

Acorns Can be Deadly
Animal Handling Tips, SA 17.1 - 2 pp (50K)
Beef Improvement Federation Fact Sheet: Understanding Performance Pedigrees - 4 pp (44K)
Beef Industry's First Goal: Satisfy Consumers
A Black Bag Saves Vet Costs
A Comprehensive Health Program
Creep Grazing, TRIM 5726
Dealing with a Mysterious Death
Develop a Feeder Cattle Program With an Identity
The Effects of Cold Stress on Cattle
Extension Effort in Beef Cattle Breeding & Selection
Hardware Disease
Livestock Safety -- Facilities and Equipment, SA 17.3 - 3 pp (69K)
Livestock Safety -- Manure Handling and Storage, SA 17.4 - 4 pp (61K)
Mad Cow Disease Information: Questions and Answers About Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)
Optimize Health Through Nutrition
Preparing for Winter: Ventilation in Poultry and Livestock Shelters
Quality and Yield Grades in Beef Cattle, TRIM 10202
Quality Assurance Sales: Quality Assurance Calf Health Record, TRM10705, PDF - 2 pp (24K); HTML
Safe Transportation of Livestock - SA 17 - 2pp (36K)
Tele/Board Cattle Sales: General Sales Terms and Conditions, TRM10701, PDF - 2 pp (38K); HTML
Tele/Board Cattle Sales: Consignment Contract, TRM10703, PDF - 2 pp (14K); HTML
Winter Pinkeye? Yes, It's Possible

Box Spreader Modification for Poultry Litter , TRIM 3441
Poultry Facts: Disease Prevention, PFS 3 - 2 pp (21K)
Poultry Facts: Feeding the Backyard Laying Flock, PFS 17 - 2 pp (34K)
Poultry Facts: Poultry Pests and Their Control, PFS 23 - 5 pp (37K)
Poultry Facts: Sanitation, PFS 4 - 2 pp (26K)
Poultry Facts: Selecting Breeds for Small Flocks, PFS 16 - 2 pp (23K)
Spreader Calibration for the Application of Poultry Manure - 3-fold brochure (127K)
Working Safely With Poultry, SA 17.2 - 4 pp (324K)
West Virginia Poultry Production Survey: A Report on Implementation of Water Quality Improvement Practices in the Five Eastern Panhandle Poultry Producing Counties, POULSRVY.pdf - 64 pp (574K)

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