WVU IVCF Vision Statement
In Response to God's love, our prayer is to focus on Jesus Christ as Lord.
As a Witnessing Community, we seek to introduce
students and faculty of every ethnicity and culture to a knowledge of God's gift of salvation.
We yearn to become fully comitted followers of Christ as we grow in love for God, God's word and God's people.
Together with other believers, we serve to accomplish God's purposes at West Virginia University and around the world

IVCF Vision Statement
The vision of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is to build collegiate fellowships, develop disciples who embody Biblical values, and engage the campus in all its ethnic diversity with the gospel of Jesus Christ. InterVarsity pursues its vision committed to these Biblical values:

We believe that every person ought to have an opportunity to respond to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to accept His invitation to follow Him into a life of Christian discipleship.


Spiritual Formation
We will teach and practice spritual discipline so that men and women can learn to grow in Christian obedience and Christ like maturity.
The Church
We will serve the church by helping each person to appreciate its purpose and by encouraging their activity as lifelong worshippers and participating members.
Human Relationships
We will teach and demonstrate by example the command of Christ that we love one another, and that healthy human relationships are a mark of true discipleship and eventuate in fruitful friendships, marriages, and working partnerships.
Aware of the reality of evil as it exists in the human heart and in the social structures and systems of the global community, we will teach and demonstrate repentance and humility and the importance of personal integrity, compassion, and prophetic renunciation and confrontation.
Vocational Stewardship
We will challenge Christians to acknowledge the stewardship of personal skills and vocational opportunity so as to bring honor to God through our work in the college community, in the home, or in the marketplace.
World Evangelization
Believing that God has called all Christians to involvement in world evangelization, we seek to help each person know how to hear that call and discover their place of maximum participation.
Doctrinal Basis
InterVarsity is an evangelical Christian fellowship with the following theological distinctives:
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