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  The following links will be helpful as you prepare for your first year in law school. Not only do the sites provide information on grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, but also they include numerous links to other sites.  


Grammar Bytes by Robin Simmons is a lively site; you cannot sleep through this one! With sections on grammar terms, interactive exercises, handouts, and rules, the site focuses on grammar and sentence structure.



The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation is Jane Straus's extensive site divided into sections on grammar and punctuation, with easily navigated lessons containing the rules, examples, exercises, and tests. The print is somewhat small, but the information is straightforward.

This site maintained by a professor at the University of Colorado contains the 11 Rules of Writing with links to explanations and examples. The rules are linked to the Strunk and White book, which we will use here at WVU law school.

I am partial to this site because it is from my alma mater! That aside, this site from the writing center at the University of Wisconsin is extensive. Click on the Writer Handbook button, and you will find a menu of helpful lessons.

A Writer's Reference contains interactive exercises on a variety of topics: subject/verb agreement, pronoun agreement, etc. It is short on instruction, but each exercise questions prompts an explanation.



The web site for Professor Coleen Barger, of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, includes links to other legal writing sites. It also contains information specific to legal research and writing: researching the law, using citations, using the Bluebook, etc.

Although not specific to legal writing, this site contains excellent general information on the proofreading and editing process. The material is most useful, and if you click back to the main menu, you can see other handouts from the writing center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.