This page aims to serve two purposes: to help users find various projects with which I am involved and to provide some examples of the use of the Web in teaching and providing information. The Web sites are classified by type of project.


Clinical Law Program--

This site was developed by clinic students under my supervison. It illustrates the use of the web to publish a brief bank, links to practitioner sites, and the uses of student creativity and humor.

Summer Trial Advocacy--

This site supports the Summer Trial Advocacy course and the Clinical Law Program.


In addition to standard class materials--syllabus, etc--these sites demonstrate the use of mind mapping and flow charting in the teaching of civil procedure. It also demonstrates the value of linking to other web sites to capture class material.

Negotiation (Spring 00)--

This site contains several Adobe Acrobat on-line lessons. The one on negotiation is uses interactive multimedia.

Drafting (Spring 99)--

This site demonstrates links to CALI lessons.

Meta Teaching

CALI lesson--

On the CALI web site is a lesson which I prepared on the teaching principles involved drafting computer aided instruction materials.

Public Service

West Virginia Legal Services--

This web site supports various civil legal services providers in West Virginia. It contains an expert system with which clients can identify the legal services provider best able to assist which their case. It uses hot spot technology to send clients to the correct office.

Legal Aid of West Virginia--

This web site is maintained by Legal Aid of West Virginia and has public information for legal services clients.

Senior Legal Aid for West Virginia--

This web site is maintained by Senior Legal Aid which provides services to West Virginians over 60 years of age.

West Virginia Family Law Bill--

This site provides information on changes in West Virginia family law. It illustrates the communication potential of the Web.