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Welcome to Pakistan Student Association at the West Virginia University. Founded 16 years ago, Pakistan Student Association is a student based body working to represent Pakistani community, promote Pakistani culture and heritage and help prospective and current students. Here in Morgantown we have a small but very well connected Pakistani society. The good thing is that our number is constantly increasing as new students are adding up every semester.

We have a local mosk in Morgantown,
A sinificant number of muslims live near it and enjoy the peace and quiet of its surrounding. You can visit the MSA site by clicking on the MSA logo above to get prayer schedule and other MSA activities.

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November 1st 2002

testThis is our new site... I will have it complete soon. We had some difficulty from the students organisation office before otherwise this site would have been up a week ago :)
Please do keep visiting, I will be changing contents every week. I will also include important details
on how to get by in morgantown and post reviews of places you might find enjoyable, including PSA's scheduled activities.

November XXth 2002
Next PSA meeting.
November XXth 2002
To Be Announced.
November XXth 2002
Eat at Kassars 100% Halal meat, groceries and restraunt.
Check your MIX E-mail.
WVU Mountain layer Up all night activity