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History of the Program:

The Technology Education Program at West Virginia University began its full-time in-resident graduate studies program in 1970. The goal of the program is to increase understanding about technological systems and their potential impacts on people and society.

Because such an interdisciplinary study of technology dictates a wide exposure to other disciplines, students are encouraged to take advantage of educational opportunities in other departments within the university community. With approximately 30 full- time graduate students from across the United States and several foreign countries, the program is one of the largest of its kind.

Rich with a tradition of successful graduates, the program weaves together the elements of teaching, service, and research to provide a unique learning environment. Program experiences are designed to encourage students to grow both personally and professionally to become active change agents committed to improving the quality of life for tomorrow's citizens.

Several areas of concentration  are available. The program aims to develop competencies necessary for leadership positions in various fields such as education, business, industry, and government.

The study of technology deals with the relation of technical systems to the civilization process, and the implications of changes in these systems on the quality of life and the education of citizens. Technology, in its simplest definition, is the study of human techniques for making and doing things, and it is primarily concerned with the when, how, and why of such techniques, interpreting them in social context.

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