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Doctoral Program Summary

The Technology Education doctoral program is temporarily suspending admissions pending the outcome of a college-wide effort to redefine our doctoral programs. Please contact us during the spring term of 2007 for further information regarding doctoral program options. Thank you for your interest in Technology Education.

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree program in Technology Education provides scholars from many backgrounds an opportunity to study the discipline of Technology. The program includes the study of technology, the relation of technical systems to the civilization process, and the implications of changes in these systems on the quality of life and the education of citizens. Doctoral students in Technology Education become involved in research, design, implementation and evaluation of technical means and adaptive systems in technical, educational, and social/cultural contexts. Course work includes the study of theory, research, and application to practice.

Program Characteristics
An individual program of study is developed by each student in cooperation with her/his advisor and graduate committee. The program of study identifies the competencies the student plans to attain, and the goals, objectives, and courses related to those competencies.

General Requirements
At least 72 semester hours of substantive course work are required, exclusive of the dissertation. A maximum of 30 semester hours may come from the Master's degree. Major and minor areas of concentration are required. A major in Technology Education  requires a minimum of 27 semester credit hours and a minor requires a minimum of 18 semester credit hours. In addition, the college core of research courses typically adds another 15 semester credit hours.

Admission to the Doctoral Degree

The following documents must be sent to the office of Admissions and Records

  • A completed Application for Graduate Admission form with non refundable fee.

  • Official  transcripts, graduate and undergraduate.

  • Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score no more than four years old. Applications normally are not considered if the MAT score is below 50 or if the GRE score is below 1000 on the first two parts.

  • International students must submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score. The applicant must score at least 213 on the computer-based TOEFL or 550 on the paper-based TOEFL.

These Documents must be sent to the office of Technology Education

  • Letter of application (including personal and professional goals)

  • Resume or Curriculum Vita

  • Three letters of reference (focus on academic potential)

Timeline of Major Events

Permanent advisor selected Before completing more than 9 credit hours
Doctoral committee selected Before completing more than 18 credit hours
Program of study approved Before completing more than 18 credit hours
Candidacy exam taken  When all coursework is completed
Dissertation prospectus approved As soon as possible after passing the candidacy exam
Dissertation successfully defended Within 5 years after passing the candidacy exam
Dissertation accepted by WVU Libraries Within 5 years after passing the candidacy exam


Core Courses
Credit Hours
TE 710 Contemporary Problems in Communication
TE 711 Technical Developments in Communication
TE 730 Introduction to Technology
TE 731 Interdisciplinary Seminar
TE 732 Technology: Its History and Development
TE 733 Readings in Technology and Culture
TE 734 Innovation and Invention
TE 797 Research (Dissertation)
Total Core


Research Core Courses (effective July 1, 2004)
Credit Hours
EDP 612 Introduction to Research
EDP 613 Statistical Methods 1
EDP 614 Statistical Methods 2
SCFD 615 Qualitative Research Methods
Research Course Elective
Total Research Core

Residency Requirement
Doctoral students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of nine (9) semester hours of approved graduate credit in each of two consecutive terms (Fall & Spring, Spring & Summer, or Summer & Fall).

Program Time Limit
The dissertation must be completed within five years after passing the candidacy exam. Failure to do so requires the student to repeat the candidacy examination and any other requirements specified by the student's doctoral committee in order to be reinstated.

Need more information? Contact Dr. Daniel Hursh, (304)293-2076 or Dan.Hursh@mail.wvu.edu.