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Welcome to Chambers College

At the John Chambers College of Business and Economics we’re doing business differently and forging new paths for our students, our state and our world.

New Student Orientation

Here's your official introduction to the Chambers College.

Welcome to NSO with Dr. Rebel Smith

Chambers College Assistant Dean Rebel Smith gives a warm welcome and shares some tips for success to complete your degree.

Rebel Smith, EdD
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Financial Aid

Academic advisers Damia Dobbs and Whitney Coup talk about an overview of the cost of attendance, how to understand your tuition bill and how to maintain financial aid through satisfactory academic progress.

First-Year Experience

Director of Recruitment and Retention Rachel Nieman talks about what you can expect from the Chambers College to help you adjust to your new home in Morgantown and make the most of your freshman year.

Rachel Nieman
Director of Recruitment and Retention

Majors and Minors

Academic adviser Tyler Southerly gives an overview of the degrees, majors and minors available in the Chambers College.

Moving Into Your Major

Academic Adviser Shawn Ragsdale explains the timeline and process of moving into your major, including GPA requirements.

Advanced Placement Credits

Honors advisers Greg Goodwin and Julia Broskey explain the process of applying AP credits to your degree.

Advising, Expectations and Graduation

Director of Advising Susan Catanzarite, JD, talks about the role academic advising will play in helping you stay on track as you progress toward your degree. She also explains the requirements necessary to graduate.

Susan Catanzarite, JD
Director of Advising

Center for Career Development

CCD staff members Abby Buehler and Ashley Lesnick provide an overview of the professional development and career-oriented resources available to Chambers students. They share advice on getting involved with their office early on in your freshman year by using services like Handshake, peer career coaches and mock interviews.

Abigail Buehler
Career Development Coordinator

Chambers Honors Program

Dr. Cui and Dr. Wang discuss the benefits of the new Chambers Honors Program.

Li Wang, PhD
Assistant Director

Annie Cui, PhD

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New Student Webinars

Register for a Chambers College webinar to learn more.

Chambers College Ambassadors
6 p.m., July 13

This session will focus on the overall Chambers College student experience. Our students will speak to campus involvement, organizations and clubs, balancing school/life, study tips and more.

Register Now

Optional for Chambers College students.

Welcome to the Chambers Family

When you join the Chambers College, you become part of a community unlike any other.

Portrait of Liz Sexton

Liz Sexton

Hometown: Williamstown, WV

WVU has provided so many opportunities to learn and grow. Even before I arrived on campus as a student, I was able to participate in an Adventure West Virginia trip. I conquered a lot of my fears during this experience, which helped me to realize that I could be successful and complete difficult challenges in college. My involvement with the WELCOME club, an organization that champions women in business, has also forced me to step outside of my comfort zone. I could not be more grateful because I know that I will be ready for future endeavors and experiences as a result of these moments. Coming to college may seem scary, but realize that you will become a stronger and more capable person through this journey.

I always heard that in college you will find your tribe; however, I was unsure if this goal would be attainable when I was a high school senior. Recently, I was selected to participate in the Presidential Student Ambassador program. There were 10 students in my class, and I became close friends with all of them. Now, I can see that between WVU's 500+ student organizations and other opportunities, finding your group of friends is not as difficult as I originally anticipated. Ultimately, college is a time of growth, so do not be afraid to reach for the stars.

Portrait of Katherine Rexroad

Katherine Rexroad

Majors: Management Information Systems and Accounting
Hometown: Buckhannon, WV
May 2020 graduate

Katherine was one of WVU's 49 Outstanding Seniors. She will be working at KPMG in Washington, D.C.

These past four years as a student at WVU and in the Chambers College I have been a member of the Mountaineer Marching Band, the Mountaineer Pep Band, Beta Alpha Psi professional honorary fraternity, Phi Beta Lambda professional organization and Management Information Systems Association. These in addition to different honors have allowed me to be involved in a diverse range of activities. I was even a member of the club swim team one year, which ranges from recreational swimming to having the opportunity to compete nationally. Each person has their own niche, so there has always been something new to discover.

My favorite part of being a student in the business college is the open door-style policy that many faculty and staff follow. Going in to meet a professor or anyone’s office and talking about classwork or the Spongebob Musical made college a memorable experience. It also helped with creating an internal network that can be invaluable in the long-run.

Portrait of Pareera Uqaily

Pareera Uqaily

Major: Accounting and Management Information Systems
Hometown: Morgantown, WV

Once I graduate, I hope to practice deal advisory and strategy analytics for one of the Big Four accounting firms.

During my time at the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, I have been actively involved with student organizations such as Delta Sigma Pi, the Management Information Systems Association and WELCOME. Furthermore, while being a Peer Mentor for the Honors Seminar course (HONR 298o) and Business Seminar course (BCOR 191), I am also a Neidermeyer Scholar for Accounting 202. All of these opportunities have helped me develop meaningful experiences and lifelong friendships.

My favorite spot at WVU is the Business and Economics building because I love running into friends and faculty who make me feel at home. I also love the Business and Economics building because it offers a plethora of resources, such as the Center for Career Development, to help students become the very best version of themselves.

Portrait of Dakota Wolfe

Dakota Wolfe

Hometown: Auburn, WV
May 2020 graduate

Coming to WVU as a first-generation college student was intimidating at first, but my BCOR 199 Professor Dr. Suzan Lantz takes the "Mountaineers Go First!" motto to heart and had us go on mini adventures our first semester, and these adventures allowed me to take hold of countless opportunities. I joined the club for my major - Management Information Systems Association (MISA). This little leap of faith helped me make upperclassmen friends that I will actually be working with post graduation!

Being a student worker at the Chambers College allowed me to know administrators on a more personal level, such as Dean Javier Reyes and Associate Dean Graham Peace. This involvement stoked my want for more adventures, so the spring of freshman year I took advantage of the WVU Outdoor Rec Center and went kayaking around the Florida Keys, making even more friends. Sophomore year led me to taking part in the Chambers Ambassador program. This led to countless events with key figures. The program also led to me running for and winning a position as a College Representative within the Student Government Association (SGA). Here I met my partner Daniel, and ended up with the both of us signing up for the study abroad trip through the B&E to India for two weeks. The experience ended up being a blast!

Junior year, I had an interview for HM Health Solutions (Highmark Subsidiary). I used all my contacts and the Center for Career Development (I basically lived in their office looking for internships) to prepare myself for the interview process, and I ended up securing a position that lasted until my graduation.

Going into senior year, I was focused on getting a job at the company I've wanted since freshman year: Deloitte. I went to every event they held and made sure to talk to each representative and recall things we had talked about from the past to build that personal connection. I secured an interview slot, and they assigned me to an analyst to help prepare, and luckily it was one of my good friends from MISA who had already graduated! When I went into the interview, I was more prepared and confident than anyone else. Having the personal connections also helped me be more at ease talking to them.

I got the job! Now I am off to work at my favorite company with friends from years past, and I will be able to start giving back and helping other nervous first-generation students when I am on campus!

Portrait of Joseph Gutmann

Joseph Gutmann

Majors: Finance and Economics
Hometown: Morgantown, WV

My student experience at WVU has been nothing short of action-packed! I have always preached that one of the best ways to make WVU feel like home is to get involved on campus. I convinced myself to branch out more than my comfort zone would usually allow. Three years later, I am happy to report that it has paid off.

WVU is what you make it. If you put a lot into this university, it will give you a lot in return. In my time at WVU, I am lucky to have been involved in many different departments and student organizations. I have been an RA at Honors Hall, a Chambers College Student Ambassador, a Career Readiness Program member, a Phi Beta Lambda member, a Peace Corps Prep Program member, a Club Tennis member, a St. John’s University Parish Music Ministry member, a chamber musician at the College of Creative Arts and a semester-long study abroad participant in Italy. I have worked to continue my active participation in each one of my passions – academics, sports and music.

Out of these, I must highlight my former job as an RA with the most credit to my campus involvement. The position of a Resident Assistant naturally throws you into the heart of campus since you work in one of WVU’s resident halls. That is when I discovered the inherent value in this university and saw truly how much it cares about its students. Another position of mine that helped me to learn about WVU was being a Chambers Ambassador. Some of the most fun experiences I have had at WVU have been getting to know the staff at Chambers College on a more personal level – including our Dean (seriously, how many people at a major university can say they personally know the dean of their college?).

I owe my incredible experience at WVU to the faculty and staff. I truly mean it when I say everyone at this university is ready to help you if and when you need it. I was told this exact statement when I was thinking about going to WVU for college, but I always thought people just said that as a recruiting tactic and it wasn’t actually true. Well, these past three years have proven me wrong. I have not encountered anyone who hasn’t been willing to talk to or help me. They always do it in a kind, respectful manner too. That, I can assure you, you will not find anywhere else.

Portrait of Kaitlyn Cline

Kaitlyn Cline

Major: Management (Human Resources Area of Emphasis)
Minor: Leadership Studies
May 2020 graduate

During my time as a Chambers College undergraduate, I was very involved in both business and special interest organizations. I served as a Chambers Ambassador for three years where I discovered my love for recruitment. I was part of a team that completed a research project for Dean Javier Reyes to identify needs and suggest new ideas to make the Chambers College even better for our students. With the help of Dr. Suzanne Kitchen, I participated in two case competitions — Peoples Bank in Marietta, Ohio, and SHRM in Bridgeport, West Virginia — that allowed me to improve upon my critical thinking and public speaking skills. In 2019, I studied abroad in China with 15 other Chambers students, Dr. Li Wang and Dr. Mike Walsh, and that provided hands-on exposure to international business relations. Most recently, I assisted Dr. Kitchen as her service-learning teaching assistant for MANG 480 Corporate Social Responsibility where we distributed a grant of $10,000 to eight area non-profit organizations.

Outside of the Chambers College, I was a member of “The Pride of West Virginia” Mountaineer Marching Band where I served as a woodwind rank leader and piccolo section leader. During my time in The Pride, I represented West Virginia University and our great state in numerous performances at home football games, bowl game trips, area festivals and most notably the 2016 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

After graduation, I will enter the Master of Science in Industrial Relations program at WVU where I will graduate in December 2021 and begin my career as a human resources professional.

Portrait of Hunter Bodnar

Hunter Bodnar

Hometown: Latrobe, PA

Deciding to choose the John Chambers College of Business and Economics has turned out to be one of my best decisions. This was because of the education and opportunities opened up for me by the friendly faculty here at WVU.

Coming into freshman year, I was excited to move into college and start carving a path to my future. Although I was excited, I really didn’t know what to expect. Coming from the City of Latrobe in western Pennsylvania, Morgantown wasn’t a crazy change. It had all the fun and entertainment of a city, but it still felt cozy and like home. The people and environment just suck you right in and make you feel comfortable. From the faculty who were always ready to help, to the smiling students everywhere you looked, you just can’t help but feel happy.

From the stories I’ve heard from friends going to other colleges, freshman year was filled with mundane core information. My experience at WVU was anything but that. All my classes were exciting and filled with information I could see myself actually applying to my future. I had already joined an entrepreneurship club from the recommendation of one of my professors. By the end of October, I had won a pitch competition at WVU and was flown to Tampa for an international pitch competition over Halloween. I have gotten the opportunity to sit in and have lunch with many well known entrepreneurs and attend numerous career fairs looking for potential internships and job opportunities as a freshman! Now I ask you, where else could you find a college as friendly and impactful as the John Chambers College of Business and Economics at WVU?

Portrait of Victoria Johnson

Victoria Johnson

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

A 2018 Management graduate, Victoria works as a loan officer with Draper and Kramer and is licensed in 13 states.

Watch her video for a special message to incoming Chambers College students.

Watch Victoria's Video
Portrait of Vivian


Adjusting to college can be stressful at times, but it’s nothing that our CDO (Chief Doodle Officer) Vivian can’t fix. Come visit her inside the advising office for a belly rub or quick game of catch.

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Tools for Success


Our well-staffed in-house advising team is always ready and happy to assist Chambers students with questions about course scheduling, curriculum and more.

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Center for Career Development

At the CCD, our job is to support you in your career pursuits, and we take that job very seriously. The center provides a full menu of professional development activities to help you jump-start your career and provides employer connections.

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Business Communication Center

In business, strong communication skills are key to success. The BCC offers tutoring and guidance in written and oral communication, Adobe design skills, presentation preparation, library research and more.

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Academic Engagement Success Center

Most college students who struggle with academics don’t lack ability or intelligence — they may just not have learned how to study and prepare in the college environment. Our in-house tutoring and study center is here to help.

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Coming Soon: Reynolds Hall

Chambers College’s new home on the Morgantown waterfront will be an experiential and educational hub, with advanced learning environments and opportunities.

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