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CHEM 111: Survey of Chemistry

Course Description

Designed primarily for students taking of ML 10 or Math ACT Score of 19 or Math SAT Score of 460 or Math SAT (March 2016) Score of 500 or PR or CONC: MATH 126A only one year of college chemistry. Atomic structure; chemical bonding; acids, bases, and salts; periodicity; properties of gases, liquids, and solids; stoichiometry; oxidation-reduction. (3 hr. lec., 3 hr. lab.) (Students may not receive credit for CHEM 115 or CHEM 117 and for CHEM 111.)

Pre-requisite Courses

These courses must be taken before taking CHEM 111:

  • Course subject: CHEM
  • Course number: 111
  • Credit hours: 4
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