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This page was part of our Virtual Decide WVU event held on April 4, 2020 and is now archived. For the most up-to-date opportunities to connect with WVU please visit our resources page.

Find Your Path in Public Health

In the School of Public Health, you’ll learn how to tackle critical health issues while protecting and improving the health of communities large and small.

Virtual Decide Day is all about exploring these options, asking questions and connecting with WVU students, faculty and staff who can help you find your place here.

Academic Session

More Than a Degree

Public health is a career and a calling.

Academic Session

Lauren Devine, director of admissions and recruitment, discusses what you can expect as a WVU School of Public Health student.

Lauren's Contact Info

Hands-On Learning

Central to every profession is its practice, so we offer students hands-on learning opportunities across diverse settings.

Why Public Health?

Through community engagement projects, partnerships, innovation and research, we’re able to provide students with unique learning opportunities.

Passion + Purpose

Why should you choose to study public health? Hear from our current students about why they chose the field as their way to help people live a healthier, happier life.

Where You'll Learn and Discover

As the first and only School of Public Health in West Virginia, we provide all the resources you need to launch your career in public health.

Health Sciences North: Pylons Lobby

Located outside the Health Sciences Learning Center and Library, this lobby is a convenient, comfortable place for health sciences students to study and socialize between classes. Cavanaugh’s coffee shop, located in the corner of the lobby, offers Starbucks coffee, juice, blended drinks, and other beverages and snacks.

The Market at WVU

The Market at WVU offers several restaurants and spacious seating areas.

Okey Patteson Auditorium

Located inside the Health Sciences Center, Okey Patteson Auditorium seats about 400 and is used for special events, guest lectures and classes.

Tour Health Sciences

Find out where to study, where you’ll learn and where you can grab a cup of coffee on this quick tour with Dr. Clay Marsh, vice president and executive dean for Health Sciences.

Student Stories

Jamie Long

Public Health, Class of 2019

At just 22 years old, Jamie suffered a stroke. As a public health student studying patient navigation, she was familiar with the healthcare system, but didn’t think she’d be the one needing help.

Q&A with Jamie

Kierra Mitchell

Public Health, Class of 2020

When Kierra arrived at WVU, she had a plan for her college career. It didn’t take long for her to realize her plan was going to change. As it turned out, a major she previously had never heard of – public health – ended up being her new plan, and a perfect fit.

Q&A with Kierra
Portrait of Jeevan Murthy

Jeevan Murthy

Public Health, Class of 2021

Jeevan chose to major in Public Health so he could combine his interests in science, government and community service.

Q&A with Jeevan
Portrait of Jessica Tan

Jessica Tan

Public Health, Class of 2019

In May 2019, Jessica was among the first undergraduate students graduating from the School of Public Health’s new Patient Navigation area of emphasis. She knew the Public Health major was the right fit for her, just like WVU.

More About Jessica
More Student Profiles

Meet Our Faculty

We're making communities happier, healthier and safer.

Portrait of Alfgeir Kristjansson

Alfgeir Kristjansson, PhD

Social and Behavioral Sciences

In Iceland, drug, alcohol and tobacco use in teens has been “virtually eradicated” as a result of a nationwide push to replace teens’ unsupervised, aimless leisure time with purposeful, organized activities. Now, Kristjansson is transplanting the program to West Virginia.

More About Kristjansson's Research
Portrait of Stephen Davis

Steve Davis, PhD

Health Policy, Management and Leadership

Davis recently enrolled the first four of about 30 rural West Virginians into a pilot project that connects patients, recently discharged from long-term care facilities, with medical professionals who can manage their healthcare remotely via technology.

More About Telehealth Project
Portrait of Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith, MD, MPH


In a recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health, Smith and fellow WVU researchers Marie Abate and Zheng Dai found that fentanyl-related deaths are on the rise in West Virginia, even as deaths related to prescription opioids decline.

More About Their Study
Portrait of Nancy Lan Guo

Nancy Lan Guo, PhD

Occupational and Environmental Health Sciences

Getting printer toner on your hands is annoying. Getting it in your lungs may be dangerous. According to Guo's new study, the microscopic toner nanoparticles that waft from laser printers may change our genetic and metabolic profiles in ways that make disease more likely.

More About Guo’s Research
Portrait of Christa Lilly

Christa Lilly, PhD


Low birth weight is linked not only to poor health outcomes at birth but also to chronic health conditions later in life. Lilly was part of the research team that explored how low birth weight correlates to cardiovascular risk factors in childhood.

More About Lilly’s Research

Next Steps

Pay the Academic Deposit

The academic deposit saves your place in our incoming class and allows you to continue the admissions process.

Pay Academic Deposit

Apply for Housing

After paying the academic deposit, apply for housing and complete your profile. The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll know where you’ll be living.

Living-Learning Communities Apply for Housing

Register for New Student Orientation

Next is NSO, where you’ll register for your first semester classes, hear from faculty and students and learn to navigate campus like a pro.

Register for NSO

Choose an Adventure

Adventure WV first-year trips are optional (but highly recommended!). Register early to secure your spot in your first-choice trip.

Adventure WV First-Year Trips