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Meet Your Orientation Leader

Our Orientation Leaders are students like you,
but they’ve been here awhile so they know their way around.

Yara Alamin, a public health major from Morgantown, WV.

Yara Alamin

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Public Health with an emphasis in Health Services Management and Leadership
Hometown: Morgantown, West Virginia
WVU Activities: several student organizations

Why Yara Chose WVU: Close to home and the countless opportunities it has to offer!

Fun Fact About Yara:

I hate mushrooms so much that I tell people I'm allergic to avoid confrontation from mushroom lovers.

Derek Alemany, a Mechanical Engineering major from Alexandria, Virginia.

Derek Alemany

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
WVU Activities: Phi Mu Alpha, The Pride of West Virginia Mountaineer Marching Band, president of Kappa Kappa Psi

Why Derek Chose WVU: It gave me the opportunity to get a big campus atmosphere with small college opportunities.

Fun Fact About Derek:

I am the son of two military parents in the Army and Air Force.

Ryan J. Alexander, a Data Marketing Communications master's degree student from Harrisville, West Virginia

Ryan J. Alexander

Pronouns: he/him
Major: MS, Data Marketing Communications
Hometown: Harrisville, West Virginia
WVU Activities: The Daily Athenaeum, WVU football, WVU EcoCAR

Why Ryan Chose WVU: The family atmosphere. Once a Mountaineer, always a Mountaineer!

Fun Fact About Ryan:

I'm color blind.

Brooke Ashby, communication sciences and disorders and psychology major from Mannington, West Virginia

Brooke Ashby

Pronouns: she/her
Majors: Psychology and Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hometown: Mannington, West Virginia
WVU Activities: "That's Amore" spring break study abroad, president and vice president of Autism Speaks U, Mountaineer Maniacs Executive Board, Alpha Omicron Pi, Student Government Association, alternate Mountaineer Mascot

Why Brooke Chose WVU: I chose WVU for a wide range of reasons. Growing up just 45 minutes south of Morgantown, I was heavily influenced by WVU and the Mountaineer Mascot. At a young age, I learned I had the dream of being the next Mountaineer Mascot. No words will ever be able to express my love and pride for West Virginia. Serving as the alternate over the course of the last year has been a great honor. In addition, WVU has provided me with endless opportunities to not only grow in my professional life, but also personally. It's a small town feel with endless opportunities!

Fun Fact About Brooke:

I have the honor of serving as the alternate Mountaineer Mascot!

Raeanne Beckner, journalism and MDS major from Bridgeport, West Virginia.

Raeanne Beckner

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Journalism and Multidisciplinary Studies (comprised of Leadership Studies, Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies)
Hometown: Bridgeport, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Social media intern with the West Virginia Innocence Project, Managing Editor at the Daily Athenaeum, a Milan Puskar Leadership Scholar, the Sisterhood Advisor at Omega Phi Alpha service sorority, Student Ambassador and Mentor with the Reed College of Media, Honors College Ambassador, Honors College Teaching Assistant, WVU Ambassador for the Student Communication Center, Honors Hall Council, the National Residence Hall Association, Residence Hall Association, Mountaineer Maniacs

Why Raeanne Chose WVU: What I think is one of the best aspects of WVU is how easily students are able to express their individuality, which is one of the main reasons I ended up choosing to attend school here. From the moment I stepped on campus, I felt like I was able to do anything I wanted and more than I originally thought possible. The campus embraces individuality. WVU has given me opportunities I never imagined I could have at any college, let alone one in my home state.

Fun Fact About Raeanne:

I am a huge Washington Capitals fan!

Nathan Bonafield, a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering major from Bridgeport, West Virginia.

Nathan Bonafield

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Bridgeport, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Math Learning Center Learning Assistant, Engineers Without Borders

Why Nathan Chose WVU: Because of the great engineering program and it was close to home.

Fun Fact About Nathan:

I like to experiment with cooking in my spare time.

Devon Brown, a Petroleum Engineering major from Baltimore, Maryland.

Devon Brown

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Petroleum Engineering
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
WVU Activities: Society of Petroleum Engineering, American Association of Drilling Engineering, National Society of Leadership and Success

Why Devon Chose WVU: WVU felt like a very friendly campus. The whole city of Morgantown is dedicated to the Mountaineers so wherever you go in town you feel welcomed.

Fun Fact About Devon:

I was born during the first Super Bowl that my hometown team won.

Trista Bunner, higher education administration student from Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Trista Bunner

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Undergrad: Exercise Physiology. Master's: Higher Education Administration
Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Roller Derby, Marching Band, Community Council, 100+ hours of community service throughout the whole community

Why Trista Chose WVU: When I toured campus, I fell in love instantly. I love the way WVU represents the state and how you can find a Mountaineer everywhere! Also, the Marching Band was awesome here and it was always a dream of mine to be a member of!

Fun Fact About Trista:

I can't cross my eyes, but I can shake them!

Liz Cachat, sport management major from Dalton, Massachusetts.

Liz Cachat

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Sport Management
Hometown: Dalton, Massachusetts
WVU Activities: Greek life (Pi Beta Phi), Living-Learning Community my freshman year

Why Liz Chose WVU: West Virginia University gave me so many opportunities in all aspects in life, academically, professionally and personally.

Fun Fact About Liz:

I have a feather from Big Bird and his autograph!

Sohan Daniel, a Sport and Exercise Psychology major from Chantilly, Virginia.

Sohan Daniel

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Sport and Exercise Psychology
Hometown: Chantilly, Virginia
WVU Activities: Student Government Association, Star Wars Club, Sport and Exercise Psychology Club

Why Sohan Chose WVU: Growing up, my brother went to WVU and because of that, it's always felt like home.

Fun Fact About Sohan:

When I was 12, a chicken fell on my foot and broke it.

Chloe den Uijl, a History and Anthropology major from Pearland, Texas.

Chloe den Uijl

Pronouns: she/her
Major: History and Anthropology
Hometown: Pearland, Texas
WVU Activities: Mountaineer Marching Band, Pi Beta Phi, Residence Hall Association general body, NRRHA, manager for the women's soccer team, historic preservation research

Why Chloe Chose WVU: I picked WVU because of the small campus feel on such a big campus and it felt like home to me! The History Department is so good here, and the marching band is such a cool experience!

Fun Fact About Chloe:

I've been to all but two states and visited over 250 national parks/sites!

Olivia Dowler, a History and Spanish major from Weirton, West Virginia.

Olivia Dowler

Pronouns: she/her
Major: History and Spanish
Hometown: Weirton, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Student Government Association, A Moment of Magic, Mountaineer Guides, Students for Reproductive Justice, Honors Student Association, Quizbowl, TEDx, Active Minds, Honors LGBTQ Affinity Group, Honors Hall Council

Why Olivia Chose WVU: West Virginia University truly is a university with limitless opportunities — an R1 research institution, a land grant school, a community of diverse students. Since the moment I set foot on campus as a sophomore attending the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Seminar, I knew this was where I belonged. No college I toured gave me the same feeling of welcome and warmth in my heart like WVU did.

Fun Fact About Olivia:

I ate at my favorite hometown Mexican restaurant 61 times last year!

Yaya Gu, a Biochemistry major from Charles Town, West Virginia.

Yaya Gu

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Charles Town, West Virginia
WVU Activities: research, American Red Cross, Global Brigades, Remote Area Medical

Why Yaya Chose WVU: I chose WVU because I saw a sheer number of opportunities offered to students of all grades.

Fun Fact About Yaya:

My favorite sport to play is tennis!

Ella Hardman, a Psychology and Painting major from Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Ella Hardman

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Psychology and Painting
Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Honors Hall, but I am looking for new clubs for this upcoming semester!

Why Ella Chose WVU: I had found a home here long before applying. WVU had always been somewhere I knew I would be successful and happy.

Fun Fact About Ella:

If I had to pick one food to live off of for the rest of my life, it would be potatoes.

Riley Harris, a Biology and Psychology major from Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Riley Harris

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Biology and Psychology
Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Honors Living-Learning Community

Why Riley Chose WVU: It was close, yet far enough from my hometown. The medical school at WVU is amazing, and the cost is affordable.

Fun Fact About Riley:

I went vegetarian for fun for six months during my freshman year of high school.

Lexi Haynes, a Political Science major from York, Pennsylvania.

Lexi Haynes

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Political Science
Hometown: York, Pennsylvania
WVU Activities: Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, MountaineerTHON

Why Lexi Chose WVU: I chose WVU because of how comfortable I felt when I first stepped foot on campus. I never really felt like I was a part of a family until I joined the Mountaineer family, and I truly couldn't see myself anywhere else!

Fun Fact About Lexi:

I am a Barista at Starbucks!

Brianna Hege, an Occupational Therapy student from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Brianna Hege

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Occupational Therapy
Hometown: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
WVU Activities: Autism Speaks U, Relay for Life, Council for Exceptional Children, Student Occupational Therapy Association

Why Brianna Chose WVU: I chose WVU because of all the people that have made me feel like I belong and that I have a purpose. WVU has always made me feel welcomed and like I can succeed no matter what challenges I face.

Fun Fact About Brianna:

I have watched the Golden Girls too many times to count!

Isabelle Hidalgo

Isabelle Hidalgo

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Sports and Exercise Psychology
Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware
WVU Activities: D1 Rowing, community service, Sport and Exercise Psychology Club, hockey internship

Why Isabelle Chose WVU: It was pretty much the perfect choice. It has beautiful mountains and lakes, a major almost no other school had, amazing pricing and was the perfect distance from my hometown (plus who doesn't love to hear a little John Denver every day)!

Fun Fact About Isabelle:

I can sing with my mouth closed (like on that one episode of iCarly).

Emma Hornbeck, forensic biology major from Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Emma Hornbeck

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Forensic Biology
Hometown: Parkersburg, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Honors College

Why Emma Chose WVU: I chose to come to WVU for the Forensic and Investigative Science Program. Also, I wanted to be close to my hometown, so WVU was the perfect choice!I have been playing the guitar for eight years.

Fun Fact About Emma:

I have been playing the guitar for eight years. Two of my favorite bands are The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. I was introduced to The Beatles when I was 10, which led to my interest in music.

Hannah Jones, an Elementary Education major from Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Hannah Jones

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Jacksonville, North Carolina
WVU Activities: Greek life

Why Hannah Chose WVU: It was the only university that treated me like one of their students before I accepted my admission.

Fun Fact About Hannah:

I come from a military family!

Cassidy Kidwell, a Music Education major from Shady Spring, West Virginia.

Cassidy Kidwell

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Music Education
Hometown: Shady Spring, West Virginia
WVU Activities: The Research Apprenticeship Program, WVU Treble Choir, WVU Mountaineer Singers

Why Cassidy Chose WVU: When I toured WVU as a high school senior, I knew immediately it was the place I belonged. I felt instantly at home, despite being miles away from my hometown.

Fun Fact About Cassidy:

My favorite artist is Taylor Swift!

Katelyn Kline, a Communication Sciences and Disorders major from Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Katelyn Kline

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hometown: Martinsburg, West Virginia
WVU Activities: National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, National Society of Leadership and Success, Phi Sigma Theta

Why Katelyn Chose WVU: I chose to attend WVU because this was the only college campus that felt like home to me. I had toured a few other campuses before I made my decision as to where I was going to attend college, some larger and some smaller in size than WVU. At first I had my reservations about coming to such a large campus, but after my first tour I got the feeling that students were very active in their school. I believed that even though the school was so big, I would still feel seen. I will never forget on one of the tours of the Morgantown campus, the tour guide said, "Don't let the size of the student population fool you. Though WVU has a large number of students on campus, this school will make you feel like you are so much more than just a number." After four semesters here, I couldn't agree more!

Fun Fact About Katelyn:

I did karate/martial arts for four years, then was a dancer for 10 years before coming to WVU!

Red Klug, an Art History and Anthropology major from New Martinsville, West Virginia.

Riley "Red" Klug

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Art History and Anthropology
Hometown: New Martinsville, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Art History Club

Why Red Chose WVU: I chose WVU because of my first visit here. The professors that I talked with were very student oriented and they had my best interest at heart. All of the faculty since I have been here have been unbelievably kind.

Fun Fact About Red:

I really like stuffed animals! My current collection is running at about 47 right now.

Elizabeth Lilly from Boyertown, Pennsylvania is a Mathematics major in the WVUteach program.

Elizabeth Lilly

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Mathematics with WVUteach
Hometown: Boyertown, Pennsylvania
WVU Activities: Greek Life (Omega Phi Alpha), MountaineerTHON, Student Basic Needs Coalition

Why Elizabeth Chose WVU: It felt like home as soon as I was on campus and it was the perfect distance from home!

Fun Fact About Elizabeth:

I was on the Today Show!

Ethan Lituchy, advertising and public relations major from Morgantown, West Virginia

Ethan Lituchy

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Advertising and Public Relations
Hometown: Morgantown, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Media College Ambassador

Why Ethan Chose WVU: I wanted to finally be a part of the family I looked up to while growing up. I had always gone to WVU sports games, and I am so excited to finally be a student here!

Fun Fact About Ethan:

I played the trumpet for 8 years up until college.

Madison McGee poses in front of a colorful mural

Madison McGhee

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Forensic and Investigative Science
Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Housing and Residence Life (former RA at Lincoln Hall), Honors Orientation class Peer Mentor, WVUteach Program (both as a student and as a student ambassador), A Moment of Magic WVU, Forensic and Investigative Science Club, WVU Pediatrics Entertainment Program (PEP), WVUteach Club, WVU PAWS: Pets Are Worth Saving

Why Madison Chose WVU: At the end of my high school career I knew I wanted to pursue forensic science, so I was looking at various schools with an FIS program. WVU caught my eye because they had one of the biggest programs near me. I scheduled a tour on campus and I was really blown away by the passion and love my tour guide and other students I spoke with had towards WVU and their own majors! By the end of the day, I knew WVU was the school for me.

Fun Fact About Madison:

I love plants and have gathered quite a large collection, which includes succulents, hoyas and air plants! My favorite is a bonsai tree I've had for two years.

Caitlin Mead, English major from Wheeling, West Virginia.

Caitlin C. Mead

Pronouns: she/her
Major: English
Hometown: Wheeling, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Eberly Ambassadors, Appalachian Prison Book Club, Writing Studio Tutor, Active Minds student org, Honors Mentor

Why Caitlin Chose WVU: There are countless reasons that went into my decision to attend WVU. I was born and raised in West Virginia, and many of my family members are WVU graduates. I also knew that I wanted options for my future, and I felt confident that WVU could provide all of the resources that I needed to explore and find my way. Although the size of WVU was initially a concern for me, I applied to the Honors program as an incoming freshman, which helped me feel even more confident that I could find my niche. Finally, one of the reasons that has kept me at WVU is that I know that I have people who truly care about me here. It has become a home away from home. And the rest is history!

Fun Fact About Caitlin:

I have two middle names, and they both start with the same letter!

Mahi Mekonnen, a Biomedical Engineering major from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mahi Mekonnen

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
WVU Activities: Freshman Leadership Program, Vice President of African Students Association, worked at Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute, high school visitation (represented my major)

Why Mahi Chose WVU: I chose WVU because of its great engineering program and the inclusive Mountaineer community that I got to be a part of.

Fun Fact About Mahi:

I am from Ethiopia: The birthplace of coffee. :)

 Madison Moonen, a Mathematics major from Morgantown, West Virginia.

Madison Moonen

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Morgantown, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Sigma Alpha Iota, The Pride of West Virginia Mountaineer Marching Band

Why Madison Chose WVU: I chose WVU because I wanted to represent my state and be a part of the The Pride of West Virginia Mountaineer Marching Band!

Fun Fact About Madison:

My favorite animal is a cow!

Cassie Mueller, finance major from Mars, Pennsylvania.

Cassie Mueller

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Finance
Hometown: Mars, Pennsylvania
WVU Activities: Sigma Kappa Sorority, Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity

Why Cassie Chose WVU: Having been at WVU for two years now I love thinking back to why I chose this great school. I am the oldest in my family and when it came time for me to start thinking about college, I was really unsure of where I wanted to go and what I exactly I wanted to study. So, like many high school seniors, I applied to a lot of different colleges and just randomly added WVU to my list even though I had never even been on a tour. When I finally got a chance to come down to Morgantown, I fell in love with the campus and all it had to offer. Everyone was so inviting and seemed to have so much Mountaineer pride. Whether I'm studying in the fourth floor of the Downtown Library overlooking the campus, or in the stands of Milan Push Stadium screaming "Let's go ... Mountaineers," I know I am exactly where I belong. I have truly made lifelong friendships and so many memories in and out of the classroom that I will never forget.

Fun Fact About Cassie:

My high school basketball team won a state championship.

Sonia-Frida Ndifon, a Biomedical Engineering major from Yaounde, Cameroon.

Sonia-Frida Ndifon

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Yaoundé, Cameroon
Activities: Research, student orgs, community service, residence life

Why Sonia-Frida Chose WVU: Coupled with the fact that WVU has an amazing engineering program, it is one of the few that offer Biomedical Engineering as a major.

Fun Fact About Sonia-Frida's Activities:

I have never broken a bone in my body.

Megan Overby, a Communication Sciences and Disorders major from Mechanicsville, Maryland.

Megan Overby

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hometown: Mechanicsville, Maryland
WVU Activities: Young Life, Student Communication Center, National Student Speech Language Hearing Association

Why Megan Chose WVU: When I first visited WVU, I felt so welcomed! The sense of community and support was unmatched compared to the other schools I visited.

Fun Fact About Megan:

My 2021 New Year's goal has been to walk at least 1 mile outside every day — I haven't skipped a day yet!

Jude Platz, an Environmental and Natural Resource Economics major from Toledo, Ohio.

Jude Platz

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
Hometown: Toledo, Ohio
WVU Activities: Research Apprenticeship Program, Presidential Student Ambassadors, West Virginia Water Research Institute

Why Jude Chose WVU: I loved the sense of community when I visited, and WVU offered a wide range of environmental majors so I was able to choose one that was perfect for my interests!

Fun Fact About Jude:

I have eight brothers and sisters!

Tyler Redding, a Higher Education Administration graduate student from Blandon, Pennsylvania.

Tyler Redding

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Higher Education Administration grad student
Hometown: Blandon, Pennsylvania
WVU Activities: WVU Alumni, Mountaineer Maniacs Executive Board, Tour Leader, Honors College mentor, graduate assistant

Why Tyler Chose WVU: The people of West Virginia are some of the most caring folks I have ever met. I felt at home as soon as I stepped on campus and knew there was an incredible amount passion in Mountaineer Nation!

Fun Fact About Tyler:

I am the executive director of the Mountaineer Maniacs.

Shayna Redford, a Biochemistry major from Woodbridge, Virginia.

Shayna Redford

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Biochemistry
Hometown: Woodbridge, Virginia
WVU Activities: Research Apprenticeship Program, Honors College, WVU PAWS and volunteer work, Student Communication Center, 2020 New Student Orientation Leader, Concert Band, Mountaineer Maniacs, Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

Why Shayna Chose WVU: I chose WVU because of the welcoming atmosphere and general location. It's the perfect mix of city and country so you can go downtown and hangout with friends or find an amazing hiking trail not too far outside of town.

Fun Fact About Shayna:

I've lived in Morgantown for three years and I've yet to have a pepperoni roll.

Hannah Rizk

Hannah Rizk

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Education
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WVU Activities: Community Council, Coptic Club

Fun Fact About Hannah: I can do a really good Alexis Rose impression from Schitt's Creek.

Why Hannah Chose WVU:

The atmosphere and the location.

Max Russell, an Advertising and Public Relations major from Seal Beach, California.

Max Russell

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Advertising and Public Relations
Hometown: Seal Beach, California
WVU Activities: Greek life (Alpha Epsilon Pi), Chabad and Hillel of WVU, Mountaineer Maniacs, Star Wars Club

Why Max Chose WVU: My uncle is from West Virginia and played football at WVU, so I grew up cheering for the Mountaineers. I decided to visit Morgantown once I was accepted into WVU, and I fell in love with WVU right away. I am proud to continue the family legacy of being a Mountaineer!

Fun Fact About Max:

My hometown has the largest population of seals in the United States.

Lauren Starliper, a Dance and Elementary Education major from Morgantown, West Virginia.

Lauren Starliper

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Dance and Elementary Education
Hometown: Morgantown, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Student Dance Association, Kappa Delta Pi

Why Lauren Chose WVU: WVU is home, there is no other place I'd rather be.

Fun Fact About Lauren:

I have a geographical tongue.

Jamie Sullivan, a law student from Bowie, Maryland

Jamie Sullivan

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Undergrad: Environmental Geoscience. Graduating Law School in May 2024
Hometown: Bowie, Maryland
WVU Activities: Greek life, community service, student worker, religious life

Why Jamie Chose WVU: I just love the atmosphere here. Everyone is so kind and inviting, and I felt really at home the first time I visited. I just knew this is where I wanted to be!

Fun Fact About Jamie:

I will be attending WVU Law in the fall and I love Chick-fil-A.

Julia Swart, an International Studies and Neuroscience major from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Julia Swart

Pronouns: she/her
Major: International Studies and Neuroscience
Hometown: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
WVU Activities: MountaineerTHON, Mountaineer Maniacs, ActiveMinds, Women in Politics and Government, Honors Hall Council, First-Year Leadership Program

Why Julia Chose WVU: I chose WVU because it is a family that supports you for who you are and a community that feels like home no matter where you are. Whether you're on campus or traveling the world, there will be a Mountaineer ready to yell "Let's Go!"

Fun Fact About Julia:

I've gotten pizza with President Gee!

Riley Tucker, a hospitality and tourism management major from Charles Town, West Virginia.

Riley Tucker

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Hospitality and Tourism Management
Hometown: Charles Town, West Virginia
WVU Activities: Alpha Kappa Psi, Vice President of Global Business Brigade, Honors College, Quiz Bowl, Chambers Ambassador and Peer Mentor, Career Readiness Program

Why Riley Chose WVU: I chose WVU because it's such a versatile college, and I knew I could find any extracurricular, experience and major that I would want out of a college experience.

Fun Fact About Riley:

I have an identical twin brother!

Kayden Upton

Kayden (Kay) Upton

Pronouns: All! She/they/he
Major: Psychology
Hometown: South Charleston, West Virginia
Fun Fact About Kay: I have seen 10 different Broadway shows! (Mary Poppins, Les Mis, RENT, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, School of Rock, Book of Mormon, Waitress, Be More Chill and Mean Girls)

Why Kay Chose WVU: Both of my parents are alumni and it was basically destined that I would be the third in the family to attend WVU!

Kay's WVU Activities:

Debate Team, community service, Resident Assistant (next semester)

Nicolas Uribe, Management major from Guayaquil, Ecuador

Nicolas Uribe

Pronouns: he/him
Major: Management with a focus in International Business
Hometown: Guayaquil, Ecuador
WVU Activities: Greek life, student orgs, the Daily Athenaeum, Dining Services, International Admissions, Chambers College of Business and Economics Career Readiness Program and Honor Society

Why Nicolas Chose WVU: Be part of the Mountaineer family and get out of my comfort zone.

Fun Fact About Nicolas:

My first impression of WVU was from a poster in the men's restroom. LOL

Reagan Voigt, an English and History major from Van Alstyne, Texas.

Reagan Voigt

Pronouns: she/her
Major: English and History
Hometown: Van Alstyne, Texas
WVU Activities: History Club, National Honors Society, InnerVarsity

Why Reagan Chose WVU: I was unsure of where I wanted to transfer to until I saw a commercial for WVU during a Baylor (where my family has been going since the first college generation) vs. WVU football game, and I knew this was where I was meant to go. I applied and moved 1,200 miles away without even visiting. Best decision I ever made!

Fun Fact About Reagan:

I traveled to over 30 countries! My favorites were Scotland, Italy and Greece!

Yixi Zhou, Communication Studies major from Taiyuan, China

Yixi Zhou

Pronouns: she/her
Major: Communication Studies and Theatre BA
Hometown: Taiyuan, China
WVU Activities: Honors EXCEL Program, Communication Studies Ambassador, Dining Services, Chinese Scholars and Students Association, participated in theatre productions: dresser for Twelfth Night, lighting operator for Dance Now, camera assistant for King Lear

Why Yixi Chose WVU: First, WVU has a very advanced security system to keep students safe. So I feel very safe in this school. In addition, the academic ability and teaching level of WVU are very strong. The university has many outstanding majors and research ranking top in the United States. Third, WVU advocates cultural diversity. They enroll a large number of international students every year and have very good policies for international students, such as offering foreign students a bonus to reduce tuition. They also offer a lot of help to international students, such as international offices and intensive English language courses. All of these are of great help to me as a freshman who just arrived at the university. Finally, WVU is very well known as international. WVU has a summer camp cooperation program with my high school, the High School Affiliated to Shanxi University, so I already knew some academic and life information of the school.

Fun Fact About Yixi:

I am a video editor. I like to recreate the plot of film, TV series or book through editing videos.