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Boreman Hall

Welcome to Boreman Hall! Get to know your Orientation Leaders — and your new neighborhood.

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Meet Your Orientation Leaders

They'll be with you every step of the way.

Portrait of Hunter Barnetta

Hunter Barnetta

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Beckley, WV

Favorite Professor: Jason Kapcala. He was my instructor for my Leadership 201 course, which I needed in order to complete my leadership minor. Jason is an all-around amazing instructor, but what makes him my favorite is that he was willing to help me outside of class. He helped me with my application for a scholarship that I later received, and definitely wouldn't have without his help.

Fun Fact: Without using my hands, I can get an Oreo from my forehead to my mouth within three seconds.

Hobbies: I enjoy hiking, reading in a hammock and playing video games.

Advice for Freshmen: You should get involved. Join a club, go to WVUp All Night, volunteer, do anything you can so that you can both meet new people and learn valuable skills. College is an amazing opportunity with many open doors. It's your job to make sure you go through them.

Portrait of Kaitlyn Brown

Kaitlyn Brown

Major: Exercise Physiology

Hometown: Huntington, WV

Favorite Professor: Dr. Leary. She is also my adviser. She does an amazing job and has helped me become the student I am today.

Fun Fact: I know how to make wigs.

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking and working out.

Advice for Freshmen: Go hard every chance you get and make your presence known. You’re on this campus for a reason.

Portrait of Rebekah Gooding

Rebekah Gooding

Art History

Major: Art History

Hometown: Morgantown, WV

Favorite Professor: Dr. Reymond. She's always been helpful and supportive whenever I've had an issue. She was my mentor for my second semester of research so we got to know each other well through that, and I know I can rely on her for anything.

Fun Fact: My dog Sherlock has a lucky paw and a bionic leg. He was born with a twisted leg and last year he had to get the ACL in another leg replaced.

Hobbies: I love photography, visiting museums and hiking.

Advice for Freshmen: It's okay to change your mind about things. Your life changes a lot in college — both socially and academically — and you have to be open to them or you will end up a lot more stressed than you need to be.

Take a Tour of Boreman Hall

Boreman Hall is ideally located in the heart of campus near the Mountainlair and downtown Morgantown restaurants.

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