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Summit Hall

Welcome to Summit Hall! Get to know your Orientation Leaders — and your new neighborhood.

Meet Your Orientation Leaders Take a Video Tour 360° Room Panorama

Meet Your Orientation Leaders

They'll be with you every step of the way.

Portrait of Sara Brown

Sara Brown

Major: Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

Hometown: Martinsburg, WV

Favorite Professor: Dr. Blemings. He took the time to get to know his students and was always excited to teach us.

Fun Fact: I was an extra in a music video for one of my favorite artists!

Hobbies: I enjoy singing, playing tennis and outdoor adventuring.

Advice for Freshmen: Remember your experience at WVU is what you make of it — so make the most out of it! Talk to people everywhere you go, take on new experiences, get involved and do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.

Portrait of Beryl Hay

Beryl Hay

Major: Multidisciplinary Studies (minors in Event Planning, Public Relations and Photography)

Hometown: Independence, WV

Favorite Professor: Tara Curtis. She teaches Intro to Public Relations, and she's so immersive in her teaching. You can tell she really loves it and all of her students.

Fun Fact: My favorite animals are bats, and my left elbow is double jointed.

Hobbies: I am in the marching band. I also love nature photography and hiking.

Advice for Freshmen: Do not be afraid to change your major if you're not happy with what you're doing. I spent plenty of time in majors that weren't right for me, and it made a huge difference once I started doing what I enjoyed

Portrait of Tyler Redding

Tyler Redding

Major: Higher Education Administration (Graduate Student)

Hometown: Blandon, PA

Favorite Professor: Daniel Brewster. He is an award-winning professor and was the most engaging and passionate teacher I have ever had. He helped shape a lot of the thoughts I have on the world.

Fun Fact: I am the Executive Director of the Mountaineer Maniacs.

Hobbies: I enjoy going to and traveling to sporting events, watching reality TV and eating.

Advice for Freshmen: Take full advantage of Welcome Week activities. During Welcome Week, you should not be in your residence hall room AT ALL unless it is for sleeping. This is the perfect time to meet friends, find clubs to get involved in, eat free food and have fun at all the awesome activities that WVU provides to students.

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