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Taking the correct courses in your freshman year can affect your entire college experience. Check your placement at WVU.

Math and Chemistry Placement

We place students into math and chemistry courses based on prerequisites or test scores. You may place by ACT Math score, SAT Math score or successful completion of pre-requisite courses.

Math and Chemistry Placement

English Placement

English 103 is an accelerated three-credit course that replaces English 101 and English 102 while also fulfilling the GEC Objective 1 requirement. Students can opt to take English 103 if they receive at least a 27 on the ACT English subtest or a 640 on the SAT verbal exam.

Learn About English Placement

World Languages Placement

If your major requires a world language, you are encouraged to complete the world languages placement exam online. You can determine if your major requires a world language in DegreeWorks.

Learn About World Languages Placement