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Student Organizations

You'll often hear our alumni say participating in student orgs led to some of their greatest college memories and friendships. Also check WVUEngage for the full list of student orgs and their upcoming events.

WVU International Students Organization

The purpose of this organization is fostering understanding and better relationships among students from different countries.

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African Student Association

The African Student Association, popularly known as ASA Family, is an organization that discusses the cultural, political, socio-economic and educational prospects of the African continent. This organization understands that African students are a long way from home, and therefore acts as a home away from home. The Association is open to everyone who has Africa at heart, irrespective of cultural heritage or ethnicity.

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Brazilian Student Organization

To integrate and support the Brazilian community living in the Morgantown area to promote Brazil and its culture along with events that stimulate cultural awareness.

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Bangladeshi Students Association

The group's purpose is to create a home-like atmosphere and strengthen friendships among Bangladeshi students at WVU by providing help and promoting various cultural, educational and social activities.

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Pakistani Students' Association

The PSA is a non-profit student-based organization committed to promoting a cultural understanding of Pakistan.

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Saudi Students Association

Our goal is to assist newly accepted students by providing them with the necessary resources to start their college careers and to introduce them to our wild and wonderful state. We hope to keep the Saudi community engaged in WVU by offering multiple events and gatherings throughout the year.

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Taiwanese Students Association

This organization provides Taiwanese students help and support during their time in the WVU.

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Turkish Students Association

This group encourages new Turkish students at WVU to meet with other Turkish students and residents in the local community to facilitate adjustment to life in Morgantown and to the University.

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Vietnamese Student Association

The Vietnamese Student Association is the first and only union for Vietnamese students and alumni at WVU. We launched the organization with the hope of connecting with our fellow Viet students and bring a little home feel to the city of Morgantown.

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