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As the semester progresses, check this site frequently for new info.


What You Need to Know

Campus will look a little different this fall. From new classroom and dining procedures to physical distancing requirements, we’ll all need to change our routine.

What You Need to Know Announcements
What to do if...?

What to Do If ...

You may find yourself in entirely new situations this fall, like needing to quarantine. Use these lists to determine what you should (and shouldn’t) do.

What to Do If ... Report Illness
woman wearing mask

Do Your Part

Simple, everyday steps — like wearing face coverings, frequent hand-washing and symptom checks — will help keep our community safe.

Mountaineer Maskots Do Your Part
Popular Questions

Popular Questions

Your questions — answered. Here are the top questions we’ve been hearing (don’t worry, we have lots more).

What is Isolation? What is Quarantine? Popular Questions

What to Expect on Campus

Let's work together and have a great (and safe) semester.

Things will be different on our campus this fall, but if we work together and follow the guidelines, we can stay safe and healthy and have a great semester! 💛💙

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Signs mark exit doors and remind of physical distancing guidelines

Entrances and exits are marked for heavily used buildings, like the Mountainlair and Woodburn Hall.

Disinfecting a high-touch door surface

Staff will be following new cleaning protocols and routinely disinfecting high-touch surfaces.

Customers observe physical distancing guidelines in line at the Mountainlair Food Court

Floor decals and signs will remind you to maintain physical distancing in customer lines and elsewhere.

Plexiglas shield for instructor

Plexiglas screens will be used in classrooms to provide a barrier between instructors and students.

Computers not in use to allow for physical distancing

Some seats in classrooms and labs will be marked unavailable to allow for physical distancing.

Students wear masks and physically distance during an in-person class

Wear a face covering, maintain physical distancing and sit in your assigned seat during class.

Do Your Part

We’re all in this together. Our safe return to campus relies on everyone taking responsibility.

washing hands

Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

The safety of our community depends on our commitment to simple day-to-day hygiene measures, like physical distancing and frequent hand-washing.

More About Personal Hygiene
wiping a surface

Sanitize Surfaces

Clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces, such as tables, door knobs, desks and light switches.

More About Surface Cleaning
Mask with ear loops

Wear a Mask

When you’re on campus, you’re required to wear a mask in public spaces. Wear your mask to protect others, and they’ll wear their mask to protect you.

More About Masks

Self-Monitor for Symptoms

Know the symptoms of coronavirus — and stay home if you’re experiencing any of them.

More About Self-Monitoring
Mountaineer Maskot Logo

Wearing a mask or face covering will be a requirement on campus this fall. This unique initiative is an opportunity not only to share your "WHY" for wearing masks in order to help protect others, but also to encourage our community to do the same.

Meet our Mountaineer Maskots

Community and Media Contacts

Are you a faculty or staff member or a student? Please submit a question or email the help team.

Are you a member of the media? Visit the WVUToday Media Center for more resources.