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Health Sciences Common Questions

These questions supplement What You Need to Know: Health Sciences, where you can find more information.

Questions will be added and updated throughout the fall. If you can't find the answer to your question, please email

Are clinical faculty who generally follow WVU Medicine guidelines required to do the daily wellness survey?

Clinical faculty, clinical fellows and health sciences residents are not required to complete the daily survey. They should continue to follow appropriate WVU Medicine guidelines on symptom monitoring.

Health sciences student learners, and health sciences teaching and research faculty and fellows are required to complete the daily survey.

Lastly, WVU Medicine and practice plan employees assigned to the Health Sciences Center campuses to provide support are required to complete the daily survey.

ITS is working diligently to ensure those not required to complete the survey do not receive the daily email. However, this will take some time to finalize. We ask for your patience in the interim.

Are WVU Medicine shuttles still open for employees?

The shuttles are currently running for employees. Masks are required at all times on the shuttles. Social distancing should be observed, and shuttle drivers routinely wipe down surfaces to help protect employees.

How do I contact HSC ITS?

Health Sciences faculty, staff and students having technical computer issues can call or email the HSC Help Desk at 304-293-3631, option 1, or For course-specific questions, students should first contact their instructor.

If a student has been transitioned to fully online, why aren’t they being sent home?

There are concerns about spreading COVID-19 across the country if students move back to their respective homes. At WVU, we’re trying to keep students on campus as much as possible.

Is the Health Sciences Center open?

The Health Sciences Center is currently open; however, open access is limited to the Betty Puskar Center and Dental Clinic entrances. All other doors are badge access only. Masks are mandatory throughout the Health Sciences Center. Doors may now be open during school hours with badge access all other times.

The Health Sciences library hours are:

  • Monday through Thursday: 7:30 a.m. to midnight
  • Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 2 p.m. to Midnight

The HSC Bookstore is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. All student lounges are locked at this time.

The HSC community must adhere to mask-wearing and physical distancing protocols for all open areas, including the library and bookstore.

What are the current travel restrictions?

The Return to Campus site offers WVU Travel Guidelines as well as WVU Medicine Travel Guidelines. Health Sciences leaders are currently discussing how to get clinical learners back into the environment as quickly as possible.

What are the policies and guidelines for Health Sciences and WVU Medicine employees regarding the Wellness Survey?

Policies and guidelines are fully outlined in an announcement on Hub.

What information is available about vaccines?

For those with PEIA, flu vaccines will be available in early October. When a COVID-19 vaccine is available, additional information will be shared. WVU Medicine employees will be required to obtain a flu vaccine and will be notified by WVU Medicine Employee Health. Students can contact WVU Student Health Services, and employee should contact their primary care provider. Flu vaccines are also available at local drugstores, and flu clinics may be offered on campus during the fall and winter months.

What outdoor Wi-Fi locations are available?

The following outdoor locations at Health Sciences are equipped with Wi-Fi — The Market; Ground Floor North near the student lounge/game room; Learning Center entrances; green space outside the WV Room and Memorial Garden. These areas can assist workflow while remaining physically distanced.

What resources are available for students struggling with mental health issues during quarantine?

Many resources are available to student, including the Carruth Center and its satellite office serving Health Sciences, BeWell. More information will soon be available from the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness as well.

What safety measures are being taken at Health Sciences?

Across campus, we have tried to reduce density in classrooms by 50 percent. Optimally, we would like to have everyone 6 feet apart at all times, but in instances where this is not possible, we have reduced density, assigned seats and enforced the use of personal protective equipment. Masks are required for everyone and instructors are teaching behind a plexiglass shield.

Facilities is disinfecting the campus regularly with CDC-approved materials. Classrooms are being closed for regular disinfecting. In case of an outbreak, gasified hydrogen peroxide is available for deep cleaning. Return to Campus has more information about Cleaning and Disinfecting, which is taking place across campus.

What should I do if someone isn’t wearing their mask?

Wearing a mask is not optional; it’s a requirement, unless you’re eating or drinking. We suggest giving folks who aren’t wearing their masks a friendly reminder to help keep ourselves and others safe. Please do not engage in a confrontation about mask wearing. If you have concerns, reach out to University Police or report a COVID-related incident to the WVU Student Conduct Office.

What vending/dining options are available at Health Sciences?

The Market (HSC Food Court) is currently open, with limited options. Please observe social distancing restrictions in this location. Vending areas are available in various department breakrooms throughout the building. The hospital cafeteria is open; however, access to the hospital is limited to the main entrance. Again, please observe social distancing restrictions in this location.

What’s the likelihood that the Health Sciences campus will be closed?

It is very unlikely that Health Sciences will close for clinical and research activities. Health Sciences leaders are committed to having students move toward degree finalization and hands-on experiences. If COVID-19 spreads across student populations at Health Sciences, some areas may be impacted, like in-person or simulation-based learning. Through protective measures, such as physical distancing, shift work and PPE, the Health Sciences community is doing everything possible to keep its students, researchers, faculty and staff safe. Here’s how you can help.

Where are masks required?

Masks must be worn properly everywhere on the Health Sciences campus, including in parking lots, parking garages and anywhere you may be in close proximity to others.

Where should I go if I want to be tested?

Free testing opportunities are available through West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources partnerships. To learn more about upcoming testing opportunities, visit the Free COVID-19 Testing site.

The University has completed its Return to Campus testing and will be doing surveillance testing moving forward. If you are a student, contact WVU Student Health or contact your primary healthcare provider. If you are a faculty or staff member, contact WVU Medicine or your primary healthcare provider.

Who should I contact about stolen PPE?

Several instances of stolen PPE were brought to the attention of Health Sciences administrators during the Sept. 9 Campus Conversation. To report these instances, contact Health Sciences Incident Command at

Why are students in some programs at Health Sciences remaining on site?

Didactic portions of programs have been moved online, but the Health Sciences campus is unique in that many future healthcare providers are being trained here. To move into their respective professions, some students must have in-person, hands-on training and experience. Some skills can be simulated, but others must be done in person. Instructors are ensuring students are receiving the curriculum to which they enrolled, regardless of program or modality. Students are also encouraged to speak with their supervisors about what they need to feel safe.

Will HSC students have clinicals in the hospitals?

Yes, students are currently participating in clinical rotations in medical facilities in Morgantown and around the country. All students are required to wear appropriate PPE that is typically provided by their program or the facility. Students are not permitted to work with COVID-19 patients at this time.