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Housing Common Questions

These questions supplement What You Need to Know: Housing, where you can find more information.

Questions will be added and updated throughout the summer. If you can't find the answer to your question, please email or ask it at a Return to Campus Conversation.

Will I receive a smaller reduction in housing and dining charges if I have an early move-in slot? New

No. Students receiving a residence hall and/or dining plan reduction will receive the same reduction regardless of when they move in.

Can I cancel my apartment lease? New

We know many students will be returning to Morgantown because of leases they have already signed, and it is possible to return to those apartments based on our local and state guidance for COVID-19.

Those living in University Apartments (Vandalia, University Park, University Place and College Park) will not be able to automatically terminate their lease early. To discuss available options, please contact your property manager.

If you’re living in an off-campus apartment, contact your landlord to see if it is possible to change your lease agreement.

Can I keep my original move-in date and time? Updated

We understand that some of you may not have the flexibility to change your move-in date and time. Check your MIX account for July 29 email from ResLife that has instructions for confirming your original move-in time, or review the process to confirm or reschedule your move-in time.

Students who wish to keep their original move-in time must log into between July 31 at noon and Aug. 3 at noon to indicate their intent.

Do I have to get tested for COVID-19 before I move into my residence hall? New

If you're living in a residence hall, you should plan to be tested for COVID-19 the day you move into your residence hall. Depending on your move-in time, you should schedule your COVID-19 test before or after moving in. Testing hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

If you are unable to schedule your test for the same day you move into your residence hall, you should schedule an appointment no later than the next day.

For students moving in prior to Aug. 15, will dining be available? Updated

Yes, limited dining options will be available beginning Aug. 7. Café Evansdale will open Aug. 7. Hatfields and Summit Café will open Aug. 9. Which Wich in the Mountainlair is expected to open on Aug. 10. All other campus eateries will be open by Aug. 19.

How will bathroom cleanings be handled?

Public restrooms in densely populated buildings will receive extra cleaning throughout the day. High-touch surface areas — such as water taps, handles, seats and cover flaps, wash basins, buttons and switches — will be disinfected every eight hours.

Within residence halls, communal restrooms will be cleaned once a day. High-touch areas in communal restrooms will be cleaned every 8 hours. High-touch areas in suite style restrooms will be cleaned once a day. Suite style restrooms also will receive a deep cleaning a minimum of once every three weeks.

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I'm an upperclassman. Can I still live in the residence hall?

Students living in residence halls and University Apartments, regardless of their class status, may move in and live in the space they have contracted/leased. As of July 27, spaces were still available in residence halls and University Apartments if you wish to sign a contract/lease. Students off-campus can also return to Morgantown and their off-campus living situation, as necessary.

If I already paid my rent/signed my lease, can I come back to Morgantown?

Yes, you are able to return to Morgantown to your apartment. The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources recommends those traveling to West Virginia from out-of-state to do the following:

  • Self-monitor your health 14 days following travel. If you think you may have been exposed to COVID-19, contact your healthcare provider.
  • Stay home as much as possible and avoid contact with others.
  • Avoid going into public places for 14 days following out-of-state travel.
  • If you do need to go out into public, wear a cloth face covering when going into public places like stores, restaurants, and work/school.
  • If you have to be around others practice social distancing (keep 6 feet away from individuals).
  • If your job permits and to protect others, it is recommended that you telework for 14 days following out-of-state travel.

My roommate is acting in ways that I think are unsafe and putting me at risk. What can I do?

We appreciate that you are doing the right things to keep our campus safe. Talk with your roommate about why safety measures are important to all members of our community. If you are still experiencing problems, we recommend you then speak with your resident assistant if you are living in a residence hall. He or she will be able to assist.

If you live in university-sanctioned housing (an affiliated Greek house, for example), we recommend you speak with the house director or a member of your organization’s leadership team.

If, with these steps, you are unable to resolve the situation, or if you live in off-campus housing, contact the Office of Student Conduct at or 304-293-8111.

What are the visitation guidelines for students living in residence halls or University apartments?

Visitors (non-WVU students) to residence halls will only be allowed to access first-floor and public areas. Overnight guests will not be allowed in residence halls. Residents in University Apartments are discouraged from having guests during this time to mitigate the spread.

What if I test positive and self-isolation isn’t possible (sharing a residence hall room or small apartment where isolation isn’t possible)?

WVU has established newly renovated space in Arnold Apartments for residence hall students to self-isolate. In the event that moving to another location is not possible, arrangements may be made for your roommate(s) to move temporarily or support will be provided for you to self-isolate in your own space as safely as possible.

What will campus move-in be like at Morgantown? Updated

With the revised start date, residence hall move-in will be pushed back one week. Move-in will be Aug. 15 through Aug. 22. Students must register for a move-in time slot through Check your MIX email for a July 29 message from University Housing (ResLife) with details on how to either confirm your your current move-in time slot or schedule a new one.

For those living in University Apartments (College Park, University Park, University Place and Vandalia), move-in will begin Saturday, Aug. 1 and continue through Friday, Aug. 14. Residents are strongly encouraged to register for a move-in time slot. Anyone arriving for move-in who is not scheduled will experience a delay in accessing their apartment.

More move-in details are available on What You Need To Know: Housing.

Students who will live in off-campus housing should contact their landlord or property management for information about move-in. Expectations and requirements are established by each property.

What will move-in be like at WVU Potomac State?

Potomac State students’ move-in will begin Wednesday, Aug. 12, and end Friday, Aug. 14. First-time students with an even room number assignment will move in Wednesday, Aug. 12, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. First-time students with an uneven room number assignment will move in Thursday, Aug. 13, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Returning students will move in Friday, Aug. 14, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. If a student is unable to move-in on their designated date, please contact

What will move-in be like at WVU Tech?

For WVU Tech students, the move-in schedule for international students, student athletes and all other residential students will be a gradual process:

  • Aug. 6-8 – International students
  • Aug. 8 – Fall student athletes
  • Aug. 9-11 – All other residential students

More information about this schedule and helpful tips for your planning to move is be available at

Dining Services will be open and serving meals to coincide with move-in dates.

When do residence halls close in November? New

Residence halls will close on Wednesday, Nov. 25 at noon.

When will my dining plan be active and ready to use? New

All dining plans will be activated for use on Aug. 7.

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Why aren't you giving a refund for University Apartments? New

Residence hall housing contracts coincide with the academic calendar which has been reduced. University Apartment leases are for 11.5 months and remain unchanged by the academic calendar.

Why aren’t you taking additional precautions in the residence halls?

We will be able to monitor our first-time students better to ensure that they are wearing masks/face coverings, practicing physical distancing when outside their rooms, and receiving academic and other support that first time college students need. The University plans to use cluster, outbreak and surveillance testing for those in residence halls at certain times throughout the fall, as well. While there are single rooms in the residence halls, WVU does not have enough spaces available to provide a single room to every student. Providing a single room to every student would require 1,700 first-time freshman students to start school without the support of on-campus programming, resident assistants and others on the residence life team who are immediately available 24/7.

Will dining plan offerings be updated to accommodate the changes to dining operations?

WVU will be offering the same dining plans this fall as previously announced.

Will housing and meal charges be reduced due to revised fall start date?

The University issued a 6.42% pro-rata reduction in room costs for a students living in a residence hall and a 6.36% pro-rata reduction in Go 10, Go 13 and Go Anytime dining plan costs to compensate students for the reduced days they will be living in the residence halls and dining on campus due to this change. These adjustments were rounded to the nearest dollar. There are no changes to Prime plans or Dining Dollars.

Will RAs continue to move in at the same time?

Yes, Resident Assistants must move in between Aug. 1 and Aug. 7. If you have additional questions regarding RA expectations, please contact Tyler Gailey at

Will residence hall staff be notified if they have a COVID-19 positive student?

If a positive student case is identified on campus, the University will notify the appropriate residence hall staff of a positive case among its residents.

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