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Testing Common Questions

These questions supplement What You Need to Know: Testing, where you can find more information.

Questions will be added and updated as information becomes available. If you can't find the answer to your question, please submit a question or email

Can I quarantine in my residence hall room?

Yes, if you're asked to quarantine because you are a close contact of someone who tested positive for COVID-19, follow these steps to quarantine in your residence hall.

Do I have to be tested if I've been vaccinated for COVID-19?

Students and employees who are fully vaccinated and have verified their vaccination with the University will not be required to be tested for COVID-19 this fall.

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How do I find my test results?

The campus results dashboard should not be used to monitor individual test results. Students and employees should follow the instructions they received from their test provider for accessing their test results.

How is it not against HIPAA for people to be notified if someone tests positive?

Students, faculty and staff will be notified privately by the local health department if they test positive. Those identified as a close contact will be notified they have been exposed, but no personal, identifying information will be given.

WVU Student Health and WVU Medical Management are also notified of positive cases during the contact tracing process in order to aid in medical care and initiate cleaning and disinfecting processes.

How often will employees and students get tested?

Individuals who did not verify their vaccination status with WVU by Aug. 1 are required to submit a valid negative COVID-19 test result. For details, see Testing: Students or Testing: Employees.

In addition, those who are not fully vaccinated or did not verify their vaccination with the University by Aug. 1 will be randomly selected for sample testing throughout the fall semester.

Community testing and testing options for those who were exposed to COVID-19 will continue to be available.

I think I was exposed; can I request a test?

Check What to Do If: You May Have Been Exposed to COVID-19 for guidance.

What are the chances that a test could result in a false positive?

False positives from RT-PCR tests are rare. PCR tests can take from 24-72 hours to provide results but are regarded as the gold standard testing method.

Generally, antigen tests provide faster results but can be less accurate for asymptomatic screenings. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, an initial antigen test may be administered to enable the rapid identification and isolation of positive COVID-19 cases.

What can I expect from the nasal swab when getting tested?

WVU's testing providers will perform an anterior swab test, which is less invasive and takes less than five minutes to complete. These anterior swabs are just inside the nose. You may tear up as a response to the sensation, but the feeling is minimal.

What data is released each week?

Each week during the fall semester, we will release the number of test results reported from the week prior and the number of positive results from those tests. Note that this data is not reflective of the date these positive results were tested but rather the date they were reported to WVU.

We will also release weekly updates of the vaccination rates for employees and students.

What does "resulted" mean?

“Resulted” indicates that the sample from a test has been received by the lab, tested and results of the sample have been provided.

What should employees expect after testing positive for COVID-19?

Employees will be contacted by their local health department and will be instructed to isolate. They will be encouraged to contact their primary care provider for additional care information.

What should students expect after testing positive for COVID-19?

WVU Student Health and Student Life will work with the student to ensure they follow proper isolation protocols. Students living in residence halls who test positive will be moved to Gaskins House for isolation. Check our step-by-step guides for detailed information.

Where should I go if I want to be tested?

Free community testing is offered regularly at the WVU Student Rec Center. No appointment is necessary. For more, see Students: Optional Testing or Employees: Optional Testing.

Students and employees who need testing outside of normal community testing hours may contact WVU Medicine Student Health at 304-285-7200 for more information.

If you're experiencing symptoms or think you've been exposed to COVID-19 ...
Students should contact WVU Student Health or contact your primary healthcare provider. Employees should contact WVU Medicine or your primary healthcare provider.

Will COVID-19 testing be free?

Yes, the COVID-19 test is free.

If you need to have symptoms evaluated by a physician, the physician visit will be billed to your insurance.