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Travel/Visitors Common Questions

These questions supplement What You Need to Know: Travel and What You Need to Know: Visitors, where you can find more information.

Questions will be added and updated throughout the fall. If you can't find the answer to your question, please email

Can I still come to campus even though events are canceled?

We strongly discourage prospective students and their families from traveling to campus at the given time to help protect both the safety of our campus and local community. Both of our Visitors Centers are currently closed to the public as well as the majority of our campus facilities.

Instead, please consider attending a virtual event:

Can I still use in-person resources (Libraries, etc.) even if I don’t have classes on campus?

Yes, but anyone who plans to use any campus facility, resource or service needs to be tested for COVID-19 and receive a negative result prior to physically being on campus.

Does "out of state travel" apply to employees who live out of state?

Anyone traveling domestically outside of West Virginia is subject to a 5-day self-quarantine/self-monitoring period. This does not include commuting to work for employees who live out of state.

How do I arrange for a campus tour?

Tours remain suspended. We are now targeting a late September relaunch of tours, but that will be subject to change based on how the return to campus evolves. In the meantime, prospective students can take advantage of our online Virtual Tour and explore various digital offerings through the Admissions Resources page.

How will the University enforce the mandatory mask protocol for contractors and vendors visiting WVU buildings? What can I do if I see them not following the guidelines?

Vendors and contractors are required to follow appropriate guidelines for suppliers. If you witness instances of non-compliance, please contact the Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services team at or 304-293-5711.

If I am designated as a remote employee this fall, will I still be allowed to visit my office on rare occasion, as I did in the spring, without getting tested?

Yes. Remote employees may be on campus for limited periods of time as long as they wear a mask, maintain physical distancing and adhere to safety protocols.

What are the visitation guidelines for students living in residence halls or University Apartments?

Please view the guidelines for visitors to residence halls and University Apartments.

Will parents be allowed to visit campus this fall?

Yes. Although we recommend limiting travel, the University will not prohibit parents from visiting campus. However, access to certain buildings may be restricted for parents and others outside the University community.

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Will students and employees be able to travel during the fall semester? Updated

WVU strongly discourages any student or employee from personal travel to locations other than their home and campus. The University also strongly discourage students and employees from hosting visitors from other locations. Visit What You Need to Know: Travel for current travel guidelines.