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What You Need to Know: Beckley

Together, we're forging new ways of delivering the WVU Tech experience, while looking out for the health and safety of all.

Important information


Fall Plans

  • Plans will be shared throughout the summer, and specific concerns will be addressed in Campus Conversations and targeted communication. Monitor, Weekly News and Events (employees) and Student Digest (students) for updates.
  • If you have questions about our return to campus plans, please email

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Health and Safety Protocols

Effective June 20, fully vaccinated individuals will no longer be required to wear a mask indoors or outdoors on campus.

Those not fully vaccinated are expected to wear a mask while inside all University facilities and outdoors when around other people.

Consistent with federal guidelines for public transportation, masks will be expected for everyone on all University transportation through at least Sept. 13, as per Transportation Security Administration guidance.

Those who are fully vaccinated and would like to continue wearing a mask for additional protection are encouraged to do so.

Individuals will not be required to demonstrate proof of vaccination on campus but need to complete the vaccine verification process.

All employees and students will be required to take a new COVID-19 educational module prior to Aug. 12. More information will be available in July.

Testing and Isolation

Individuals who have not verified their vaccination status with WVU by Aug. 1 will be expected to be tested prior to the start of the fall semester. Unvaccinated individuals will be randomly selected for regular screening testing throughout the fall semester.

Opportunities for testing for those who were exposed to COVID-19 will also be available. Contact tracing will continue on WVU’s campuses. Those who test positive will need to isolate and follow instructions provided by contact tracers.

The University will resume weekly COVID-19 updates through a dashboard on the Return to Campus website, which will feature testing information and vaccination rates.

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The fall semester will begin as scheduled on Wednesday, Aug. 18 (view the full 2021-22 Academic Calendar).

Classroom Protocols

Classrooms will be at 100% capacity this fall. The University will follow a regular academic calendar, grading scale and attendance policies. Seating charts and seat assignments will still be required to assist in contact tracing when necessary.

Vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask in the classroom but may choose to wear one. Those who are not vaccinated are expected to wear a mask.

Plexiglass will be available for faculty who wish to use it. In addition, hand sanitizer and cleaning materials will be available in the classroom or nearby hallway.

The Office of Accessibility Services will continue to work with students who request reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Medical Management and the University’s ADA Coordinator will continue to work with faculty and staff who request reasonable accommodations under ADA.

Grading Scale

As with the spring semester, the University will implement a traditional grading scale and will not offer a high pass/pass/fail option.

Study Abroad

The University will continue to evaluate study abroad opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

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Student Life

Residence Halls

  • Residence Hall move-in will be by appointment.
    • New students will move in Friday, Aug. 13 through Sunday, Aug. 15.
    • Returning students will move in on Monday, Aug. 16 and Tuesday, Aug. 17.
    • Students who are part of a program that requires early arrival (e.g. athletics) will receive information directly from the program with the date they should plan to arrive on campus.
  • Residents will register online for a 90-minute time slot for move-in; time slots are available each day at each hall.
  • Each resident may have two helpers, and everyone will be expected to wear a mask/face covering and follow health and safety protocols in place.
  • Residents will be notified via MIX email and University announcements when timeslot registration opens in early July.

Dining Services

Dining Services will open at 100% capacity with safety measures and enhanced cleaning procedures in place. Plexiglass dividers will be available in dining facilities for those who would like to use them.

Student Activities and Programs

  • Student organizations can organize and gather without limitations. It is highly recommended that these gatherings take place outdoors. Unvaccinated individuals are expected to wear a mask at these events.
  • Activities such as information fairs, club meetings, recruitment events and social gatherings may be held if health and safety guidelines are followed.
  • Space may be reserved through Michael Sheldon in Student Life.
  • The Division of Student Life will have additional information before classes resume.

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COVID-19 Vaccination

At this time, WVU strongly encourages everyone to be vaccinated but it is not required for students or employees. The University will reevaluate vaccination requirements upon FDA approval.

Those who have yet to be vaccinated, but would like to be, can find available vaccination appointments at Vaccines continue to be readily available across the country.

All students, faculty and staff must verify their vaccine status by Aug. 1 at This video and handout (PDF) explain the steps and information needed to complete verification.

Those who received the vaccine from a WVU or WVU Medicine vaccine clinic are still responsible for verifying their vaccine status by Aug. 1.

The University plans to unveil incentives on Thursday (June 15) for those who have already verified their vaccine or will do so between now and Aug. 1.

Those not fully vaccinated and those who have not verified their vaccine status by Aug. 1 must:

  • comply with re-entry COVID-19 testing prior to the start of the fall semester,
  • comply with random sample testing until you become fully vaccinated,
  • quarantine for at least 10 days following close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19,
  • quarantine for five days following out-of-state travel,
  • wear a mask indoors and when outdoors and around others.

Students, faculty or staff who believe they are unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons may apply for an exemption and accommodation. Employees can fill out a modification request or email Students should contact Accessibility Services at 304-293-6700 or

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Additional COVID-19 Campus Protocols

Visitors on Campus

Departments and units will be responsible for sharing University policy and practices with visitors they invite to campus. All visitors, including vendors and contractors, will need to continue to follow University safety guidelines while on campus; unvaccinated visitors are expected to wear a mask while on campus.

Departments and units should continue to use good judgment when determining when to bring visitors to campus (e.g. interview job candidates via Zoom before bringing final candidates to campus).

Admissions will open to normal capacity for tours and visits effective June 20. Guests will need to follow University safety guidelines while on campus; unvaccinated visitors are expected to wear a mask while on campus.


Fully vaccinated individuals may resume non-business travel activities. However, they should note travel restrictions and safety guidance in the area of intended travel.

University-related business travel will remain limited and require prior approval from a unit vice president or dean. Travel related to externally funded projects does not require vice president or dean approval.


In-person events may resume on campus at 100% capacity effective June 20. The Health and Safety Committee does not need to approve events, but does recommend organizers use best practices. It is recommended events take place outdoors if possible, and plated or pre-packaged meals are preferred if food is served. Hand sanitizer should be made readily available at the event. Masks are expected for those who have yet to be vaccinated.

Athletics events will also be held at 100% capacity, and WVU Tech Athletics will separately announce details relating to sporting events as needed.

Workplace Accommodations and Modifications

Given the changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, effective treatments, vaccines and state and federal guidelines, WVU is reviewing the need for employee Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations and non-ADA modifications specific to COVID-19 for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Reasonable ADA accommodations and non-ADA modifications will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Employees requesting an ADA accommodation or a non-ADA modification for the fall semester must submit the application and updated medical documentation by June 1.

Note: Employees who previously had an accommodation or modification should be aware that future adjustments may differ from past or current accommodations. Visit for more information. Contact with any questions.

Work Arrangements

To prepare for a planned increase in on-campus operations for the fall semester, supervisors will be asked to confirm or update the long-term work arrangements for their direct reports in the Applaud HR system.

Prior to May 31, supervisors should ensure the work status information in Applaud aligns with feedback captured through the Performance Review process regarding an employee’s long-term work arrangement. If supervisors have questions or need to validate the preferred work arrangement for their direct reports, they should consult their HR partner.

In addition to following health and safety protocols, all meetings must continue to include an option for remote participation (e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, conference line, etc.) to accommodate remote and hybrid employees and promote physical distancing. Employees should use personal discretion when deciding whether to attend a meeting in-person or remotely.

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Campus Meetings and Messages

Watch a video of the most recent campus meeting.

Beckley Campus Meeting: May 6

Beckley — May 6

This session provided an update on WVU Tech's preparations for the fall semester.


  • Carolyn Long, WVU Tech Campus President
Watchthe Beckley May 6 Video

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