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Student Profiles

Portrait of Karli Celestin

Fast-tracking a Law Degree

Karli Celestin

"I realized I wanted to pursue law school when I found out about the 3+3 Program halfway through my sophomore year. It opened a path to law school that was quicker, less stressful and cheaper. On top of shaving off an entire year of school, achieving an LSAT score that the program required came with a large scholarship, which is allowing me to attend WVU Law for even less than the cost of undergrad."

Portrait of Denzel Middleton
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

From Manhattan to the farms

Denzel Middleton

Across the U.S., a blood-feeding parasite preys on sheep. Denzel, an Animal and Food Science PhD candidate from New York City, is monitoring two things to determine the cause: how parasites affect a more susceptible breed of sheep (Suffolk) and how sheep native to the U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Croix) are able to build their immune systems against parasites.

“I like the fact that my research can help people. This is people's livelihoods and my research can go into really helping people to be able to provide and put food on the table for their families. It also helps food insecurity within the country. I like knowing that my research helps people.”

Portrait of Brooke Eastman
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Healing a Wounded World

Brooke Eastman

While studying abroad in Nicaragua as an undergraduate student 10 years ago, Brooke witnessed how climate change impacts poor communities disproportionately and how both humans and the environment are simultaneously exploited. That motivated her to dedicate her career to uncovering climate change solutions.

Now as a Biology PhD student, she studies how acid rain impacts forest health and is committed to highlighting forests’ role in mitigating climate change.

Portrait of Bernadine Kwan
WVU in the Community Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Better Policies for Better Health

Bernadine Kwan
Health Policy, Class of 2021

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and inequalities in healthcare, public health is on our minds now more than ever. Bernadine wants to use her education to create positive health policies for underserved individuals. "Health policy is the one field that can seriously impact large groups of people on every level. It impacts all instances of life and good policy can help alleviate struggles for people."

Portrait of Pareera Uqaily

Pursuing Every Passion

Pareera Uqaily

Like many college freshmen, Pareera was unsure of her career path, but she knew one thing was for certain: she loved WVU. After switching to business, she found her passion for data analytics and decided on double majoring in Accounting and Management Information Systems.

Portrait of Myya Helm

International Outreach

Myya Helm

When Myya goes to Amman, Jordan to study Arabic as a Boren Scholar, she plans to continue her international community outreach and education by working with non-governmental organizations to help provide educational resources to refugees there.

"Coming from such a small place in West Virginia, I didn’t have many opportunities to learn about different languages, cultures and religions. Being a cultural minority myself, I’ve always wanted to do that outreach."

Portrait of Meg Haller
WVU in the Community Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Pursuing Justice

Meg Haller

As part of her internship with nonprofit law firm Mountain State Justice, Meg is leading the organization’s grant writing efforts to get funding to support a class action lawsuit seeking justice for imprisoned individuals who aren't receiving adequate healthcare.

Portrait of Adam Craig

Working Together on Solutions

Adam Craig
International Studies, Class of 2021

Adam is slated to return to Oman in 2021 to further his study of Arabic at the Noor Majan Arabic Institute in Muscat as a Boren Scholar. With varied experiences abroad, including a National Model United Nations conference in China, Craig said what makes him most excited about becoming a Boren Scholar is the opportunity to not just talk about the problems caused by global conflicts, but to also work together on solutions.

"I feel excited about my generation and what we’re capable of doing for the world, and the ideas we have and our devotion to making the world a better place."

Portrait of Kshitij Aggarwal
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Pinpointing Fast Radio Bursts

Kshitij Aggarwal

Kshitij, a Physics graduate student, and WVU faculty Sarah Burke-Spolaor and Kevin Bandura were part of the team that pinpointed the precise location of “FRB 180916,” adding a new chapter to the mystery surrounding the origins of fast radio bursts.

Portrait of Amelia Jones
WVU in the Community Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Serving the Underserved

Amelia Jones
English, Class of 2021

A first-generation student and WVU's 2020 Newman Civic Fellow, Amelia is dedicated to helping students in West Virginia alternative schools access leadership development resources and college information.

Portrait of Amina Kunovac
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

From Refugee to Researcher

Amina Kunovac

Amina has found a particularly interesting area of research — exposure to engineered nanomaterial (particles found in cosmetics, food and medical materials).

Specifically, her research aims to assess the cardiovascular health of the offspring when exposure to these particles occurs during pregnancy.

Portrait of Sarah Victory

The Business of Music

Sarah Victory
Music Industry

“Because I have gained professional label experience while attending WVU, I was able to intern at Big Machine Label Group in Nashville, Tennessee, and apply what I have learned while working at Mon Hills Records to one of the most successful labels in the world."

Portrait of Ciara Stewart

Clinical Experience in Brazil

Ciara Stewart

A senior nursing student from Washington, Pennsylvania, Ciara is one of two WVU students to earn 2020 Gilman Scholarships for making global connections in Brazil. She will spend four weeks gaining supervised clinical rotation experience while also learning Portuguese and reflecting on global citizenship in the health professions.

Portrait of Shane Kaski
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Old painkiller, new tricks

Shane Kaski

By interacting with different parts of the nervous system, pain relievers treat some pains better than others. Shane is investigating whether an anti-itch medication that targets a specific part of our nerve cells can make morphine — which targets a different part — more effective. His findings suggest it can.

Portrait of Oriana Ovide
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

A summer study with NIST

Oriana Ovide

Oriana found her love for research after being part of WVU’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program. Because of her research in chemistry and forensic science, Oriana was awarded a summer research fellowship with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Portrait of Dylan Vest

Determined to Go First

Dylan Vest

Dylan has taken the “Go First” mantra to heart. He was the first in his family to go to college, to travel abroad and even get on a plane.

Now he’s one step closer to his dream of becoming a Foreign Service Officer by becoming the first WVU student to receive the highly competitive Thomas R. Pickering Graduate Fellowship from the U.S. State Department.

Portrait of Henry Loh
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Examining Ink

Henry Loh
Materials Science and Engineering

Henry is studying graphene-based inks and their use in chemical and gas sensors. His research could provide low-cost solutions in sensing methane leaks and could also monitor negative environmental changes.

Portrait of Laura Curry

Bridging cultures

Laura Curry

Laura is WVU’s 26th Boren Scholar. She will be studying in Tanzania next year. "The experience of living abroad will be invaluable to me because one day I hope to partner with local organizations to promote human rights."

Portrait of David Laub
WVU in the Community Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Mentoring Future College Students

David Laub

David created Mountaineer Mentors, a group of top scholarship students at WVU who want to connect with students at their high schools to help them seek a college education. His mentoring efforts helped him earn a Newman Civic Fellowship.

Portrait of Jake Cahn
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Finding a niche in research

Jake Cahn
Communication Sciences and Disorders, Class of 2019

A summer research experience with Dr. Kimberly Meigh at the Speech Motor Control Lab helped Jake find his niche. He plans to pursue a master’s degree and possibly a PhD, with the goal of working in either academia or a research laboratory.