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Portrait of Oriana Ovide
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

A summer study with NIST

Oriana Ovide

Oriana found her love for research after being part of WVU’s Summer Undergraduate Research Experience program. Because of her research in chemistry and forensic science, Oriana has been awarded a summer research fellowship with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

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Portrait of Krystal Capers

Discovering a New Path

Krystal Capers

Krystal always wanted to go to medical school, but as she finished her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, she found another calling — epidemiology.

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Portrait of Henry Loh
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Examining Ink

Henry Loh
Material Science and Engineering

Henry is studying graphene-based inks and their use in chemical and gas sensors. His research could provide low-cost solutions in sensing methane leaks and could also monitor negative environmental changes.

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Portrait of Samantha Mehnert
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Chemistry vs. Crime

Samantha Mehnert

A Forensic Science and Chemistry major, Samantha presented her research on a new algorithm for drug identification at the 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Science in Baltimore Maryland. In the future, she hopes to pursue a doctorate in analytical chemistry — and work as crime lab director.

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Portrait of Seth Burk

Prepared for Success

Seth Burk
Nursing, Class of 2019

“Most people can be taught how to take a blood pressure and how to put in an IV, but the WVU School of Nursing teaches you the why and the how. The experience gained from this program will set you up for tremendous success as you begin your journey into the workforce.”

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Portrait of Laura Curry

Bridging cultures

Laura Curry

Laura is WVU’s 26th Boren Scholar. She will be studying in Tanzania next year. "The experience of living abroad will be invaluable to me because one day I hope to partner with local organizations to promote human rights."

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Portrait of Taima Ross

Critical Experience

Taima Ross

Taima’s goal is to become a consular fellow in the U.S. State Department and the United Nations Population Fund, so her proficiency in world languages — and her summer in Morocco — will serve her well. She’s majoring in French and Spanish with a minor in Arabic Studies.

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Portrait of David Laub
WVU in the Community Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Mentoring Future College Students

David Laub

David created Mountaineer Mentors, a group of top scholarship students at WVU who want to connect with students at their high schools to help them seek a college education. His mentoring efforts helped him earn a Newman Civic Fellowship.

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Portrait of Jake Cahn
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Finding a niche in research

Jake Cahn
Speech Pathology and Audiology, Class of 2019

A summer research experience with Dr. Kimberly Meigh at the Speech Motor Control Lab helped Jake find his niche. He plans to pursue a master’s degree and possibly a PhD, with the goal of working in either academia or a research laboratory.

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Portrait of Jessi Tyo
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

From the Lab to Capitol Hill

Jessi Tyo

Jessi and her research partner, Caroline Leadmon, were among 60 students selected nationally by the Council on Undergraduate Research to present their research findings to members of Congress.

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Portrait of Kassandra Colón
WVU in the Community Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Cultivating inclusive spaces

Kassandra Colón

Kassandra’s commitment to improving cultural representation in the classroom helped her become WVU’s 24th Truman Scholar, the nation’s top graduate fellowship award for aspiring public service leaders.

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Portrait of Keanan Allen

Summer in Taiwan

Keanan Allen

Keanan’s studied Chinese since he was in middle school. This summer, thanks to a U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship, he’s heading to Taiwan to study Mandarin.

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Portrait of Claudia Flores-Saviaga
Research and Innovation Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

Stopping the spread of fake news

Claudia Flores-Saviaga
Computer Science

As a 2019 Facebook Emerging Scholar, Claudia will work with Facebook Research for two years to help them improve their technological interventions to limit the spread of false information.

Video: WVU Fights Fake News More About Claudia
Portrait of Ed Olesh
WVU in the Community Student Profiles | Faculty Profiles

From ‘Warrior Culture’ to ‘Campus Culture’

Ed Olesh
Wildlife and Fisheries Resources

The transition to college from Army Ranger hasn’t been an easy one for Ed. As president of the Veterans of WVU student club, he’s lending a hand to other student-veterans on campus who might need an E-5 sergeant in their college life.

Q&A with Ed
Portrait of Jana El-Khatib

Finishing with a Fulbright

Jana El-Khatib
Psychology, Class of 2019

Jana plans to attend dental school, but first she’ll spend a year teaching English in Malaysia as a Fulbright scholar — an experience she thinks will make her a better healthcare provider.

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Portrait of Hannah Schantz

Advocating for Agriculture

Hannah Schantz
Agricultural and Extension Education, Class of 2019

“Agriculture is a misunderstood industry with a communication problem. As an agriculture teacher I am excited for my ability to educate the next generation of consumers. Empowering students to become advocates for agriculture will create a ripple effect of education which will lessen the severity of our communication problem.”

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Portrait of Demitrus Jones

Growing a Business

Demitrus Jones
Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Class of 2020

Demitrus hopes to learn more about the global and Chinese markets — with an eye to strengthening the brand of clothing he has developed — while studying at Hong Kong Baptist University on a Gilman Scholarship.

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Portrait of Graeson Baker

Incredible Opportunities

Graeson Baker

"I’ve traveled to Spain, worked with BrandJRNY and the community of Pineville, helped organize campuswide events and was the in-house photographer for Arts and Entertainment. I’ve even had the chance to train a service dog. Never in a million years did I think that I would ever get the chance to do any of that."

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