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Esports Business and Entertainment, BA

The Esports Business and Entertainment program provides hands-on experience in the multibillion dollar gaming industry.

You will begin on day one with courses in the major, which provides four years of practical skills based learning. The program will immerse you into various components of the field such as business, governance, marketing, communications and event management. Program assignments and projects will include creating content, looking at viewership and how to improve it, live streaming events, all the way to planning and delivering competitions.

Upon completion, you will have gained knowledge and impressive experience that is comparable to those who have been working in the industry.

Your Degree Plan


WVU Esports team poses with Red Bull Campus Clutch trophy.

In an ever-evolving field with increasing opportunities for professional growth, WVU’s Esports Business and Entertainment program offers the chance to develop a well-rounded skill set and gain exposure to esports in contemporary society. You will learn about business, governance, marketing, event management and health and wellness in esports.

  • Esports majors practice industry skills in association with the varsity Esports team and at hosted tournaments and events. By incorporating actual projects into courses, you will gain hands-on experience.
  • Focusing on one of our two areas of emphasis — Esports Business Development or Esports Marketing — allows you to further tailor your expertise in the areas that interest you most.
  • By the end of the program of study, you will have completed an internship that provides valuable industry experience. Additionally, you will graduate with a polished resume and robust portfolio so that you are better prepared to enter the workforce.

Tailor this major to your interests by focusing your coursework in one of these areas:

  • Esports Business Development

    The area of emphasis in Esports Business Development will provide expertise to students in the Esports Business and Entertainment major to become successful entrepreneurs and business owners and/or operators.

  • Esports Marketing

    The area of emphasis in Esports Marketing will provide expertise to students in the Esports Business and Entertainment major to increase their ability to market their personal brand, events, reach different target markets and utilize different media platforms.

Take advantage of special options related to this major:

  • Honors

    Expand your curiosity — and enhance your curriculum — through the WVU Honors College. Two programs are offered: Honors Foundations for first- and second-year students and Honors EXCEL for third- and fourth-year students.

    Explore Honors

The WVU Difference

What sets this program apart from its competitors?

  • Provides a comprehensive esports experience (competition, curriculum and community).
  • Develops and expands one's cognitive, hard, social and emotional skill sets.
  • Best-in-class competition and coursework.
  • Faculty have extensive industry knowledge and academic experience.
  • Delivers transferable skills so you can enter a career in esports or have the skill sets to enter other industries/disciplines.
  • By the end of your WVU esports experience, you will be prepared to excel in your career.

Over 92% of WVU freshmen receive grants or scholarships (2022-2023).

Learn more

Learn by Doing

Learning happens outside the classroom. Get involved.

Network with professionals in your field as a student member of:

Global leaders in esports, business and interactive entertainment companies offer prospective opportunities in marketing, tournament operations, event management, policy creation and implementation, and business operations and development.

Attending college will prepare you for many things. The Esports Business and Entertainment major will give you the following skills:

Hard Skills

  • Management
  • Business administration
  • Event and facility management
  • How to leverage digital media
  • Marketing
  • Project management

Soft and Social Skills

  • How to build and maintain interpersonal relationships
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership
  • Professional networking
  • Managing success and coping with failure
  • Critical thinking

Live, study and pursue outside-the-classroom learning in a residence hall community that shares your interests:

Outside of the Evansdale Crossing building.

What you learn outside of the classroom is just as important as what you learn during class. We’ll help you follow your curiosity.

Careers and Outcomes

How does this degree prepare students for a career?

Executive Secretaries and Executive Administrative Assistants

Provide high-level administrative support by conducting research, preparing statistical reports, handling information requests, and performing clerical functions such as preparing correspondence, receiving visitors, arranging conference calls, and scheduling meetings. May also train and supervise lower-level clerical staff.

Median Salary: $65,980

Possible job titles include: Administrative Assistant, Administrative Secretary, Executive Assistant, Executive Secretary.

Explore Career

General and Operations Managers

Plan, direct or coordinate the operations of public or private sector organizations. Duties and responsibilities include formulating policies, managing daily operations and planning the use of materials and human resources, but are too diverse and general in nature to be classified in any one functional area of management or administration, such as personnel, purchasing or administrative services.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $98,100

Possible job titles include: General Manager (GM), Operations Manager, Store Manager, Business Manager, Operations Director, Plant Superintendent.

Explore Career

Education Administrators, Postsecondary

Plan, direct or coordinate research, instructional, student administration and services and other educational activities at postsecondary institutions, including universities, colleges and junior and community colleges.

May require a Graduate Degree

Median Salary: $102,610

Possible job titles include: Academic Dean, Dean, Provost, Registrar.

Explore Career

Entertainment and Recreation Managers, Except Gambling

Plan, direct, or coordinate entertainment and recreational activities and operations of a recreational facility, including cruise ships and parks.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $73,460

Possible job titles include: Entertainment Manager, Recreation Manager.

Explore Career

Social and Community Service Managers

Plan, direct or coordinate the activities of a social service program or community outreach organization. Oversee the program or organization's budget and policies regarding participant involvement, program requirements and benefits. Work may involve directing social workers, counselors or probation officers.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $74,240

Possible job titles include: Program Director, Program Manager, Social Services Director, Vocational Rehabilitation Administrator.

Explore Career

Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers and Athletes

Represent and promote artists, performers, and athletes in dealings with current or prospective employers. May handle contract negotiation and other business matters for clients.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $84,900

Possible job titles include: Agent, Booking Agent, Talent Agent, Theatrical Agent.

Explore Career

Project Management Specialists

Analyze and coordinate the schedule, timeline, procurement, staffing and budget of a product or service on a per project basis. Lead and guide the work of technical staff. May serve as a point of contact for the client or customer.

Median Salary: $95,370

Possible job titles include: Project Manager.

Explore Career

Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

Coordinate activities of staff, convention personnel, or clients to make arrangements for group meetings, events, or conventions.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $52,560

Possible job titles include: Conference Planning Manager, Conference Services Manager, Convention Services Manager (CSM), Events Manager.

Explore Career

Media Programming Directors

Direct and coordinate activities of personnel engaged in preparation of radio or television station program schedules and programs, such as sports or news.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $85,320

Possible job titles include: Director, Program Director, Program Manager, Programming Director, Station Manager, Newscast Director, Production Director, Television Program Director.

Explore Career

Coaches and Scouts

Instruct or coach groups or individuals in the fundamentals of sports. Demonstrate techniques and methods of participation. May evaluate athletes' strengths and weaknesses as possible recruits or to improve the athletes' technique to prepare them for competition. Those required to hold teaching degrees should be reported in the appropriate teaching category.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $45,910

Possible job titles include: Baseball Coach, Basketball Coach, Coach, Football Coach.

Explore Career

Sales Representatives of Services, Except Advertising, Insurance, Financial Services, and Travel

Sell services to individuals or businesses. May describe options or resolve client problems.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $62,400

Possible job titles include: Sales Representative.

Explore Career

Customer Service Representatives

Interact with customers to provide basic or scripted information in response to routine inquiries about products and services. May handle and resolve general complaints. Excludes individuals whose duties are primarily installation, sales, repair, and technical support.

Has a Bright Outlook

Median Salary: $39,680

Possible job titles include: Account Representative, Client Services Representative, Guest Service Agent, Member Services Representative.

Explore Career

Real Skills for Your Career

Core courses address esports as an industry, its history, ethical and legal issues, and career exploration and orientation. They also cover the business of esports, its marketing and governance, and event marketing specific to esports events, as well as a senior capstone and internship.

Courses outside the core broadly cover entrepreneurship and business planning, personnel and brand management, media promotion and marketing, and primary business skills (accounting, economics, finance and marketing).

The program focuses on learning that prepares you for esports specific business, management and marketing occupations, as well as how to plan entertainment events and manage those kinds of venues.

Meet Your Community

The Esports Business and Entertainment family will inspire and support you.


Common questions and answers about Esports Business and Entertainment.

  1. Esports often takes the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players, individually or as teams. The burgeoning industry has had an increase in viewership and revenue year-over-year and continues to grow.

  2. Esports is a financially lucrative industry. It is predicted that the revenue for global esports will top $2.3 billion in the next couple of years. Additionally, esports is a subsidiary of the greater gaming industry, which continues to grow and boasts more annual revenue than the music and film industries combined. This growth will expand the number of employers looking for qualified individuals with esports and business knowledge.

  3. Students gain hands-on experience from internships, class projects, working with the WVU competitive esports team and setting up and hosting tournaments.

    The growth in Esports over the last 5 years has created the need for business professionals who are experienced in the industry. It is predicted that it will continue to expand in revenue, and in the numbers of gamers and followers. The Esports Business and Entertainment major is designed to better prepare learners to fulfill the future roles within the esports industry.

  4. Students will get careers in various areas after graduation. Depending upon the area they enjoy, learners will be able to enter into esports and fulfill roles that involve management, business administration and digital media. Or, outside of esports, students will be able to apply their knowledge to launch a career in sports, entertainment and other prominent industries.

  5. It is anticipated that the professional esports industry will continue to rapidly grow in future years. With this in mind, the professional scene provides opportunities for multiple career pathways and it can be expected that even more career pathways will be created over time.

    Esports in academia is no different, and is growing rapidly at the K-12 and collegiate level! This growth has begun to launch esports career pathways in education that provide ample opportunities for student engagement and skill development. There are now HUNDREDS of job openings in collegiate esports, and K-12 institutions are considering adding additional staff positions to better support their esports initiatives.

Places and Spaces

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WVU Esports Arena

Under Construction

The WVU Esports facility at University Place is home to our varsity Madden, Rocket League, Valorant and Call of Duty teams and is where they compete in leagues and tournaments throughout the year.

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Admission Requirements

To be admitted to WVU's Esports Business and Entertainment major, first-time freshmen must meet WVU's first-time freshman admission requirements for the 2024-25 academic year. Interested in transferring? Review the transfer admission requirements.

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