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Merit Deadline Frequently Asked Questions

First-time freshmen must be admitted by June 1 to be considered for merit scholarships. Admitted students may submit an updated GPA or test score through June 1.

Does WVU have a merit deadline for first-time freshmen?

Yes, first-time freshmen must be admitted by June 1. Select awards that are competitive may have earlier deadlines or different requirements.

How can I receive an exception to the June 1 merit scholarship deadline?

There are no exceptions to this deadline. All updated information must be received for admitted students prior to June 1, or new applicants must be admitted by June 1.

May I submit updated test scores for merit review, or provide scores if not included in my original application submission?

Yes, but they must be received by June 1. Please review options for submitting scores and note that delivery schedule for scores may not meet the deadline.

My counselor forwarded a mid-term, third quarter or final transcript. Is my GPA automatically updated if received by June 1?

The Office of Admissions does not automatically update GPA when a new transcript is received. Students must submit the GPA update form along with the new transcript prior to June 1 for review.

My high school does not graduate until after June 1. May I submit transcripts after graduation for merit?

WVU does not accept transcripts after June 1 to award merit. However, all enrolling students must have a final high school transcript on file prior to scheduling for their second semester.

My school uses a percentage scale. How can I calculate my GPA on a 4.0 scale?

WVU uses a 4.0 GPA scale and offers a conversion calculator, which we will use to award merit scholarships.

What if I applied earlier but haven’t been admitted by June 1?

Students must be admitted by June 1 to qualify for merit scholarships. We’ll continue to admit to the University based on our rolling admissions. However, if after June 1, we will not award merit scholarships to first-time freshmen.

Why does WVU not accept transcripts after June 1 for merit consideration?

High school graduation dates vary. Our June 1 merit deadline is in place to accommodate late applicants due to our rolling admission. As a courtesy, we permit admitted students to submit updated information through June 1 as well.

Will WVU request the final high school transcript from my school counselor?

No, students must contact their counseling office after graduation and request that a final transcript is sent to the WVU Office of Admissions if enrolling. The final transcript must include the graduation date.

Will you recalculate my GPA if I upload a report card or transcript without an updated GPA?

WVU does not recalculate GPA. We use the official GPA calculated on the transcript provided.

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