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Refining Our Purpose

WVU is pursuing the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities' Innovation and Economic Prosperity designation.

IEP will further refine the University's purpose as West Virginia's land-grant institution, while strengthening long-term strategy and practice to maximize our impact.

Common Questions Self-Assessment Process

Common Questions

The what, why and how of the IEP process and ways to participate.

What is IEP designation?

The IEP University Designation recognizes higher education institutions that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to economic and community development on campus and across their state.

Learn more about APLU's IEP Designation

Why pursue the IEP designation?

Undergoing the IEP designation process will create opportunities for discovering new and innovative ways to better know, measure, tell and improve the University’s contribution to economic engagement and leverage our talents and resources to create a better future for West Virginia and the world.

If WVU receives the designation, we will join some of our Big 12 peers and be able to showcase how we are impacting West Virginia’s economic growth, opportunity, and competitiveness through:

  • Talent and workforce development;
  • Innovation, entrepreneurship and tech-based economic development; and
  • Place Stewardship through public service, outreach and community engagement.

View Stakeholder Examples Read the APLU Guide

How does WVU earn IEP designation?

Liaisons from WVU colleges, centers and units will engage in a thorough self-assessment that inventories the University's work in innovation and economic engagement.

How can I get involved?

The WVU IEP Core Team, led by Extension and Engagement Dean, Jorge Atiles, and Research Office Associate Vice President for Creative and Scholarly Activities, Melanie Page, is in the process of recruiting liaisons from colleges, departments, units and organizations across campus to support the WVU IEP Core Team, compile information on projects and programs and recommend members for service on working groups.

If you’d like to learn more about the Core Team and this process, please email Priscila Santos at

The Self-Assessment Process

WVU must complete an intensive, introspective self-assessment of its work around innovation and economic engagement.

A Venn diagram showing where three circles labelled Talent, Innovation and Place meet.

WVU liaisons from colleges, centers and units are engaging with stakeholders to inventory WVU’s work in economic engagement, build stronger relationships with stakeholders on and off campus, and identify strengths as well as areas of growth and improvement.

Goals throughout the process:

  • WVU should KNOW what we are doing well and what we can improve to better enhance our economic engagement strategies.
  • WVU should be able to MEASURE the extent to which we are engaged.
  • WVU should be able to TELL the story of our contributions to economic development.
  • WVU must ENGAGE with external stakeholders throughout the processes of knowing, measuring and telling to ensure our economic and community contributions have meaningful impacts.