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You're Registered. Now what?

Here’s what to expect from Virtual NSO.

Step 1 - Online Program

Online Program

Mandatory for students. Optional for guests.

When you register for Virtual NSO, you’re guaranteed access to the virtual NSO online program. It should take about one and a half hours to finish. Your guest may view the online program by using the guest login option. Students have until June 11 to finish the online program.

After you complete the online program, the system will automatically let us know. We’ll email instructions for your next step within 24 hours.

NSO Online Program Portal

Step 2 - Submit Student ID Photo

Submit Student ID Photo

Mandatory for students.

Ready to submit your photo for your Mountaineer Card (WVU student ID)? Review the photo requirements, and then submit your photo. Photos must be submitted by June 30.

Video: How to Pick the Right Photo for Your WVU ID

Step 3. Meeting with Orientation Leader

Meet With Your Orientation Leader

Mandatory for students.

After completing the online program, you’ll receive an email with instructions for signing up for a meeting with your Orientation Leader. The meeting is a one-on-one conversation with your Orientation Leader, who will schedule your Advising Appointment and help you prepare for it.

Step 4 -  Advising Appointment

Advising Appointment

Mandatory for students.

During your Advising Appointment, you’ll meet one-on-one with a professional adviser and finalize your fall class schedule.

Step 5. Onboarding Program

Onboarding Program

Mandatory for students. Optional for guests.

Our two and a half hour onboarding program will include details about financial aid, housing, dining and more! You and your family will also have the option of attending many other webinars and virtual events before coming to campus.

Join your onboarding program:

Our onboarding program will have the following schedule:

  • Welcome
  • Cost, Payment and Aid
  • Housing and Dining Services
  • Experts Panel
  • Family Onboarding with the Mountaineer Parents Club

Watch our archived onboarding programs:

Having issues or have questions? Email us at

Class of 2025 Social Center

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Start Your Journey

You’re a proud Mountaineer now, so head over to our social center for Class of 2025 merchandise, WVU-themed wallpapers and downloads, a #WVUbound playlist and lots more. We have downloads especially for your parents and grandparents, too! And you're all invited to join our Class of 2025 Facebook groups — we have one for students and one for families.

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