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Your NSO Experience

Here’s what to expect from NSO.

Step 1 - Online Program

Online Modules

Mandatory for students. Optional for guests.

If you're registered for NSO, you will receive a link to the online modules in your MIX email. The modules are mandatory and can be done on your own time. The modules should take about 2 hours to finish. Completing the modules is what allows you to meet with an adviser to finalize your class schedule.

The deadline for completing the online modules is June 10.

After you complete the online modules, the system will automatically let us know. We’ll email instructions for your next step within 2 business days.

Step 2 - Submit Student ID Photo

Submitting a Student ID Photo

Mandatory for students.

Say cheese and show us your best smile! After registering for NSO, review the Mountaineer Card (WVU student ID) photo submission details and submit your photo as soon as possible.

Your ID photo should be approved before you come to campus for your NSO date.

Advising Appointment

A Virtual Advising Appointment

Mandatory for students.

During your virtual advising appointment, you’ll meet one-on-one with a professional adviser and finalize your first semester class schedule. Before the meeting, you should review your college or school’s NSO information in the modules. Honors students should also review the Honors NSO page.

Number 4: In-person Program

An In-Person, On-Campus Program

Mandatory for all students and highly recommended for guests.

Your in-person NSO program is your official introduction to campus. You'll get answers to your questions, explore campus and learn about student life from those who're already living it.

When you registered for NSO, you selected one of the following on-campus NSO dates:

  • June 8 or 9
  • June 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16
  • June 20, 22 or 23
  • June 26, 27, 28, 29 or 30
  • July 10 or 14

Check your confirmation email to find the date of your in-person program. If you need to change your registration, please email us at

View In-person Program Details and Schedule

Not registered yet? Register for NSO today.