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Frequently Asked Questions

WVU has moved New Student Orientation to an online experience, replacing an on-campus experience typically held in June. The decision to develop a virtual experience was made due to the evolving novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The safety and health of our incoming students and their families is always our first priority.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at

Am I required to complete Virtual NSO?

All first-time freshmen, except international students, must complete the Virtual NSO online program in order to schedule a meeting with an adviser to complete their fall course schedule.

International students should refer to the International Students and Scholars New Student On-Boarding page for more information about pre-arrival and on-campus orientation programs.

Transfer students can contact their adviser at any time to schedule first semester classes and are invited to attend Virtual Transfer Orientation on July 28.

Are first-time students required to attend New Student Orientation for the fall?

New Student Orientation (NSO) transitioned to a virtual event throughout the month of June. All incoming first-time students are required to participate and complete the NSO modules, meet with their Orientation Leader, and schedule with their advisor. More details can be found on the NSO site.

Are the NSO Kickback and Parent Reception events canceled?

Yes, all on-campus programming associated with NSO is currently canceled. However, we plan to offer virtual experiences where students can meet their peers and parents can make connections with other parents. In addition, we encourage parents to join the Official Families of the WVU Class of 2024 Facebook group.

Are there any live sessions that I can participate in to get my questions answered?

Yes, our goal is to provide weekly live sessions focused on housing/residential life, dining plans, student financial services, and Q&A panels with campus experts.

Can I challenge my math placement?

Yes, we are offering our math placement exam, ALEKS, virtually throughout the summer months. This is something that you will discuss with your adviser during your professional advising meeting.

Can I change my block schedule?

Your block schedule was created to ensure that you are enrolled in the core classes required for your academic major. You will be unable to change your block schedule unless your adviser deems this essential due to specific circumstances (ROTC commitments, Marching Band, etc.).

Can parents participate in Virtual NSO?

Yes, our NSO platform will allow parents/guests to access the platform so that they can learn more about their student’s enrollment at WVU. Guests should use guest login option to access the site.

Do I need to submit Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB) or dual enrollment courses prior to my advising appointments?

If you completed AP, IB or dual enrollment coursework, you will need to submit an official score report or transcript prior to your appointments. Students may submit an official PDF copy of the AP or IB transcript by emailing to, or by requesting that the testing center submit the score report. If you have dual enrollment from an institution other than WVU, official transcripts must come directly from the institution. View more details about how to submit official transcripts. Please note that score reports and transcripts from testing centers or institutions may take several weeks to receive and process from the date sent.

Do students have to attend virtual NSO?

Yes, all students will still have to complete the virtual NSO platform in order to schedule a meeting with an adviser to complete their fall course schedule.

Does New Student Orientation have a fee associated with it?

The Office of New Student Orientation charges a one-time fee of $125. This fee is assessed on the student’s first tuition bill. This fee is used to cover all operational costs associated with NSO.

How can I estimate my bill to sign up for the monthly payment plan?

We have an online Cost & Resource Planner you can use to create your own planner. You can print this planner or save it to continue making changes as you plan for college.

How can I get my student ID?

If you're a new WVU Morgantown student and haven't submitted a photo for your Mountaineer Card, please do so as soon as possible. Go to and walk through the process step by step. Returning Morgantown students who need to replace a card should follow the same online process.

You can pick up ID cards at the ITS Service Center in the Mountainlair, which is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

How can I see my residence hall room?

We have virtual tours of our residence halls. You can browse through to see what rooms and facilities are like in each hall. Floor plans and room dimensions can be found on residence hall web pages.

How can I submit outside scholarships and 529 college savings plan payments to WVU?

Please visit our Payments page for full instructions on how to mail scholarship checks or 529 checks to our office. Please note that due to reduced mail pickups and drop-offs at this time, anything sent to the Hub may be delayed. All personal check payments should be made through STAR via the student’s WVU Portal.

For questions about your 529 plan, please contact the provider of the 529.

How do I ensure that I can register for NSO and receive details regarding the virtual event?

Students must first pay the academic deposit to be eligible to register for NSO. Any student with an academic deposit on file will receive information to their WVU email account (MIX) regarding NSO.

How do I know who my adviser is?

We will connect you with your pre-advising Orientation Leader, who will then schedule your advising appointment. In addition, your Orientation Leader will support you with review of General Education Foundations.

How do I order a refrigerator, microwave or other items for my room? Updated

You can pre-order a MicroFridge (the only microwave approved for residence hall use) and other items for your residence hall room at

You can order a MicroFridge even if your roommate is already bringing a mini-fridge.

How do I prepare for my advising appointment?

Students should explore the following prior to their advising appointments:

How do I register for New Student Orientation (NSO)?

You may register for New Student Orientation (NSO) using your WVU credentials. If already registered, you do not have to do so again and may skip this step.

How do I submit proof of health insurance and immunizations?

WVU students are required to have health insurance and will be automatically enrolled in the WVU Aetna student health insurance plan. If you already have health insurance that meets the minimum requirements, you can opt out of the WVU Aetna plan by completing the online student health insurance waiver at the Student Insurance Office website. You’ll be asked to confirm that you’ve received the required immunizations as part of the waiver. If you won’t be opting out of the WVU Aetna plan, complete the separate immunization questionnaire available on the Student Insurance Office website.

How long will the Virtual NSO portal take to complete?

The mandatory content in the portal should take around two hours to complete. However, the portal links out to many additional resources and webinars that are available to help you engage and learn more about enrolling at WVU in the fall.

How will I get my class schedule?

After a student signs up for virtual NSO, the WVU Registrar’s office will provide pre-built schedules for courses that are deemed core to the student’s degree progression. After completing virtual NSO students will sign up for an appointment with an academic adviser who will help them complete their schedule with General Education Foundation courses or any additional course add-ons.

How will I learn about moving into my residence hall?

Watch your email for detailed information from Housing and Residence Life and visit the Fall 2020 Move-In page. General move-in information is available on the Return to Campus: Housing page.

How will I meet other students?

After completing the virtual NSO platform you will be assigned a student cohort that will be led by an Orientation Leader. Your Orientation Leader will be hosting virtual events weekly throughout the summer so that you can get to know your peers. Check back for more virtual hang-out options with incoming students. You can also meet future Mountaineers on the Class of 2024 Social Center.

I previously signed up for an NSO date. Do I need to re-register?

No, all registrations will carry over to the virtual event.

Is NSO Basecamp canceled?

Yes, all on-campus programming associated with NSO is currently canceled. Adventure WV will offer virtual first-year trips prior to the start of classes; additional in-person programming is being planned for fall and spring.

My account says that I have a hold. How do I get this lifted?

All incoming first-time students have an orientation hold on their account. This hold is lifted within three days of completing the Virtual NSO modules and will be replaced with an advising hold. You will work with your adviser on any schedule changes. If you have other holds on your account (parking, transportation, financial services and student accounts), you will need to work directly with the department placing the hold.

Should parents attend the advising appointments?

Parents are discouraged from attending the advising appointments with their students. We want students to play an active role in planning their first academic semester and create a professional relationship with their Orientation Leader and academic adviser. We expect that following advising, students will be able to understand and articulate how each course applies to their degree.

What do I do if I have forgotten my WVU login information?

You can try to change your password by going to or you can call our ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444

What do I do next for financial aid?

Financial aid is a process, and depending on your situation, this answer will be different for everyone. For additional help navigating your next steps, please visit our guide for First-Time Freshmen. The guide includes information about accepting your financial aid offer, providing verification, documenting any changes to income, and more.

What if I have more questions about financial aid?

Our virtual NSO platform will have a section devoted to cost, payment, and aid where we will answer commonly asked questions about the financial services available to WVU students. General questions can be directed to our chatbot, Morgan, 24 hours a day on the Mountaineer Hub website. If you have specific questions you are welcome to contact our Mountaineer Hub or sign up for an appointment at

What if I need to speak with Financial Aid?

Our virtual NSO platform will have a section devoted to cost, payment and aid where we will answer commonly asked questions about the student financial services available to WVU students. If you have specific questions, you are welcome to contact our Mountaineer Hub office.

What if I want to change my major?

If you are considering a major change, please do so by contacting the Office of Admissions. Not sure what you want to study? Use Career Services’ FOCUS2 exam to explore majors and career paths.

What is a Cost & Resource Planner?

The Cost & Resource Planner is a tool to help you estimate direct costs billed by WVU that may be covered by financial aid and determine what additional out-of-pocket expenses you may need to cover for the fall and spring terms. The planner is emailed to the MIX and personal emails shortly before attending New Student Orientation for students who have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or who have aid already offered on their STAR accounts. Parents should work with their student to access and review the planner.

What is a pre-advising appointment?

A pre-advising appointment is a meeting with an Orientation Leader where you will talk about things like General Education Foundations, DegreeWorks, Schedule Builder and more. It is meant to prepare you to talk with a professional adviser.

What is block scheduling, and why is WVU implementing it for NSO?

For fall 2020, all incoming first-year students will receive a block schedule. A block schedule is a pre-set schedule that includes the core courses required for an academic program. Benefits of a block schedule include simplification of the course registration process, ensuring accurate course selection and creating opportunities to connect with study partners and new friends in your classes.

If students do not have a block schedule, they will work with their adviser in their professional advising meeting to create a full schedule for the fall semester that satisfies their major requirements.

What typically happens at NSO, and how will things change?

At WVU’s on-campus Orientation students and parents would learn about residential life/housing, financial aid, academic expectations for freshmen, meet and ask questions with current WVU students, interact with other incoming Mountaineers and schedule courses for the fall semester. We will be providing all of the same core content in our virtual platform and will be leading virtual options for incoming students and families to meet each other throughout the summer months.

When can I see my block schedule and meet with an adviser?

Students will first need to complete a series of modules and meet with their pre-advising Orientation Leader before meeting with an academic adviser to schedule. Any student registered for NSO will receive instructions on how to access the Virtual NSO portal and complete these modules. Once completed, the student will receive details regarding their block schedule and advising appointments.

When do I have to complete Virtual NSO?

All students should complete the Virtual NSO portal as soon as they can. This will allow for quicker registration for your pre-advising and advising appointments.

When will my veterans benefits be reflected on my student bill?

Qualifying students should start the certification process online through the Center for Veteran, Military and Family Programs. Select the benefit to access instructions and the list of documents needed to complete the process. Once the Veterans office has approved your benefits, they will send that information to our third-party coordinator to add to your account. This process can take several weeks.

Where can I find the information from the Cost, Payment and Aid presentation?

The information from the presentation is available on our Financial Aid Orientation page.

Where's the Virtual NSO discount code for WVU gear?

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Who do I contact if I have questions about my residence hall assignment?

Contact the Housing Assignments team at or 304-293-2811 to answer your questions about your assignment.

Why is my account showing that I am registered for classes if I have not met with an adviser?

Your account might show that you are registered for some classes prior to your meeting with your adviser because we are block scheduling students for core courses required for their academic program their first semester. Your block schedule is produced soon after you register for virtual NSO.

Why was NSO (New Student Orientation) changed to a virtual event?

NSO creates interactions with more than 1,500 individuals per day consisting of incoming students, their families, WVU staff members and student workers. The decision to develop a virtual experience was made due to the evolving novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The safety and health of our incoming students and their families is always our first priority.

Will Adventure WV trips still occur?

Adventure WV will offer only virtual first-year trips prior to the start of classes; additional in-person programming is being planned for fall and spring. Information will be posted to and

Will I have a block schedule for spring semester?

No, only incoming first-year students will receive a block schedule. In the future, you will work with your adviser to schedule in advance of the new term.

Will my block schedule contain all of my classes?

No, except for a few majors, your block schedule will only contain the core courses for your academic program. This may range from 3-12 credits. Students will work one-on-one with their academic adviser to complete their fall schedule and will participate in choosing their General Education Foundation (GEF) courses.